Jiří Kajínek (62) in trouble! He wrecked a Mercedes and a Skoda

A car with 2.8 million worth of Kazinek behind the wheel drove from Osová Bítýška in Žďársk to Velká Bíteš at half past two on Saturday afternoon. “The Mercedes was going in the opposite direction on a curve and collided with a Skoda Roomster with a trailer. The impact threw him onto the road, the Mercedes hit a pole and came to rest in a ditch. Police officer Michaela Lebrova described the incident.

The husband was treated

Jisri (52) was driving the Skoda while his wife Jitka (48) was sitting on the passenger seat. The airbag in their car went off after the accident. One of them got wedged into the car and firefighters had to help him. “We used a hydraulic device,” Fire department spokeswoman Petra Musilova said. Both the critically injured were rescued by the medical team. “They had minor injuries, chest injuries. We took them to a hospital in Mostist. Ambulance spokesman Peter Janek said.

You know that…

Last Saturday and Sunday was the saddest weekend of the year, when 10 people died on Czech roads.

Grumpy criminal

The otherwise well-fed Gazinek was greatly annoyed by the accident. “Sir Editor, I have told you many times… This is an accident, the car is in service. It makes me uncomfortable. But I am complete. I’m fine,” He said mischievously. He left Pleska’s question about who was responsible for the accident unanswered. He also did not mention that there were injuries in the incident. According to eyewitnesses, he spent several hours at the scene. The accident happened at half past two and the tow truck didn’t pick up his car until eight in the evening.

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300 thousand only?

The police said that the drivers were not intoxicated and the cause of the accident is being investigated. Estimates put the damage to both vehicles at 300,000, but in the end it could be much more. “The Mercedes cost over half a million to repair alone. A deployed airbag must have been a major blow. More damage than a bike. Experienced auto mechanic Tomáš Hofman Blesk said.

A friend of the injured man: drove away on foot

Although police are still investigating the cause, according to a friend of the injured couple who Plesk spoke with, the fault lies with Kajinek. “He drove like cattle” The person who said the couple would be fine. “They were mostly shocked,” he added.

It's been six years since the release of Jiri Kajinek: A Legendary Escape and a Green Tank Top!

Prosecutor Jan Černý: He will not go back to prison

Kajínek was released on May 23, 2017, based on a pardon by former President Miloš Zeman (78). Zeman, however, imposed a 7-year condition on him on the trip, breaching which would see him return to prison, this time for life. “I view this accident as a misdemeanor, but even if it is a felony, it is still an act of negligence and he did not violate that condition.” Renowned lawyer Jan Černý explained. The court has to decide the case. “He will assess it and hand the information over to Castle, where new President Peter Powell will assess the matter.” Added black.

A few hours after poker

Although Kajínek appeared to be driving in the direction of Velká Bíteš, it was the other way around. The car was completely turned over. He did not say where he went that day. However, according to social networks, he was apparently dealing cards in a Brno casino ten hours before the accident. He won CZK 16,200 in a poker tournament. But the money he earns is definitely not enough to repair his car…

What do Czech murderers and criminals do after being released from prison?  He's a YouTuber from Kazinek, a TikToker from Žirivnik, and Mikus works in a hospital!

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Accident happened 5.5 years ago

Five and a half years later, Gazinek crashed. In Plzeň, on October 4, 2017, when exiting the D5 highway, he did not give priority to the Fabia. While he escaped unhurt, the Skoda driver sustained minor injuries. Kajinek was penalized and awarded 4 points.

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