Zahradil will not defend his position, the ODS club in the European Parliament is headed by Vrecionov

Prime Minister and leader of ODS Petr Fiala Zahradil Obansk praised him for his work for the democrats.

“It’s one of the thoughts running through my head,” Sahradil said, adding that he would try to run for the House of Representatives. He gave diplomacy a chance to fall in love. Do you think we should stand alone for the European Parliament, instead of working together with the People’s Party and TOP 09?

Stupid Vrecionov saw it that way. It will be obvious. We got to eat the Vresionov Egla ourselves. I have no ambition to become a candidate. Until the European elections, the leader of the ODS should be the party’s vice-president, former defense minister and deputy prime minister for European affairs.

Tobolnek apologized for Zahratila’s meeting with the Russian ambassador, and Fiala did not participate

The ODS press conference caused a stir when one of the Prime Minister’s Newspapers asked him what to make of former Prime Minister Mirek Tobolnek’s apology on Twitter for Zahradil’s meeting with the Russian ambassador in Prague. The meeting took place at the time of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing.

John Zahratil and I have different eyes on the world, and that’s why, replied Prime Minister Fiala, what Zahratil has done, will he apologize like former Prime Minister Tobolnek did?

Between April 15 and June 4, 1989, anti-regime demonstrations in the capital were violently suppressed. The main military offensive took place on the night of July 3–4, 1989. The death toll from the insurgent massacre varies. , several hundred to 10 thousand died.

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My joint candidacy of the Spolu coalition is complicated by the fact that the European Conservatives and Reformists faction includes ODS, the People’s Party in the European Parliament and TOP 09 in the European People’s Party faction. What separates them, for example, is drinking euros and a view of the pace of this activity.

“The united coalition will continue no matter how badly we do in the European elections, but even this option of us going together is on the table and very much open to us,” Prime Minister and ODS leader Petr Fiala said in a debate. CNN Prima on Sunday News, vn fought former Prime Minister and head of ANO Andrej Babi.

We are considering what is the best strategy and urgency for representing the Czech Republic in the European Parliament. It is true that TOP09 and KDU-SL are with European people, we have a section of European conservatives and reformers. But the factions must unite because we want to prevent a socialist-left faction forming in the European Parliament, and we want things to be different after the elections, Fiala said.

The ODS currently has three MEPs: Zahradila, Vondra, Vrecionová and Evena Toenovskho.

In May, the People’s Party has compiled its list of candidates for the European Parliament elections, and they will decide whether to run alone or in a coalition. One is MEP Tom Zdechovsk. The unsuccessful candidate for the castle, Senator Pavel Fischer, is fifth after the primaries. At the end of the day people want to know whether they will compete with someone in an alliance.

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