With one exception, they are offered without reservation. What attracts vintage car-moto auctions?

In the spring vintage auction, machines that do not appear in regular advertisements are up for auction. For example, the favorite Metalex Roadster, but also the attractive Skoda MBX or Java Pitrak, of which only a few were produced. The most interesting thing about this year's event is that, with one exception, they are offered without auction reserves.

Three weeks until the spring auction of vintage cars, which takes place at Retro Garáž, an auto-moto exchange in Lysá nad Labem. On Saturday, April 27th, vintage car and motorcycle enthusiasts will once again gather to view the pieces on offer or bid directly, this time numbering thirty-one, the most in history.

The offer should change again, traditionally it will start with small motorcycles auctioned from the “crown”, of which there are six in total: Jawetta Standard, Stadion S11 and S22, Pionýry 555 and 550 and Manet 90 “two-piston”.

Classic and often very rare single track machines will be auctioned in the second block. There will be a total of seventeen motorbikes. Pavel Kočí, the organizer of the exchange and auction, already knew from the time he organized the event that Czechoslovak motorcycles were very attractive.

That's why he chose, for example, the popular domestic collector's piece Jau 350/638, the so-called “saved”, that is, an untraveled motorcycle with only 171 kilometers on the clock. Another engine is the blue Java 250/590 Sport, as well as the popular Java 250/362 California among enthusiasts. As usual, the Čezeta 502 scooter, also known as the “Pig”, will also be up for auction.

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All of these post-war machines have always been very popular, but Kosi also selected pre-war machines for auction. For example ČZ 175 Special, but ČZ 175 Standard. Another item is the 1945 Java 100 robot.

For the first time, the rare original Perak series is presented, which applies to all three varieties of this popular Java, namely Janezek, Sprojovka and “Communist”. Another attraction is the rare Ogar 350.

“The highlight of the motorcycle offer will be extremely rare and practically unavailable machines such as the original Java 500 OHV Rumball, Java 500 OHC 15/01. Pitrak,” he further calls Java Pavel Kosi. The only foreign motorcycle is the British model BSA 500 OHV Blue Star.

In the third batch, the cars will be auctioned, of which there will be a total of eight. “As usual, the offer is very diverse, with maximum emphasis on exclusivity. We were able to put together models and cars that don't usually appear in advertisements, and some are almost impossible to find,” reminds Kosi.

This auction will offer rarities like the Metalex Roadster or the Skoda 1000 MBX. A seemingly ordinary favorite would be an attraction, but the mileage is only 7,000 kilometers. The canary yellow Skoda 110R is also original.

Lovers of pre-war machines may be interested in a rare semi-cabriolet version of the carefully restored Škoda Popular, the restored Skoda Felicia Roadster.

Seven of the eight engines were produced locally, so the sleek Citroen DS ID 19 made famous by the French film Fantomas stands out. And like the last auction, this time the car will be auctioned from Autotram Most garages.

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It's a Skoda Octavia in a unique “camera car” conversion that seats six. It was used to film dynamic scenes on the track of the Mostek Autodrome. “It will be a crown charity auction where all proceeds will go to the Autodrome Foundation account, which will use the money to support young athletes and children in the Mostek region,” Kosi adds.

The most fascinating aspect of the Retro Garage Auction, now in its thirteenth consecutive auction, is that there is no auction reserve on any machine, motorcycle or car, except for one item, the Java Rumball. At the same time, initial prices are set relatively low.

“This is what I have always wanted to achieve. To show the market what the machines are really worth, and to make the auction more attractive and more fun for interested parties,” explains event organizer Pavel Kosi.

Many of the single-track machines offered at auction this spring are from the same collection. “Creativity is alcoholism and I want to get better,” Michael Polak explained to the editors, exaggerating why he's selling his motorcycles, which you can read here.

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