Europe is preparing to supply “strategic equipment” to Ukraine – Macron

Macron noted that this would significantly increase arms production in Europe.

Security of European countries is linked UkraineThat is why the European Union is preparing new plans to supply Ukraine with equipment.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced this at a press conference held together with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. RMF 24.

He noted that France and Poland play a significant role in ensuring security in Europe in relation to Ukraine, and that European diplomatic chief Joseph Borrell is preparing proposals on Ukraine.

“Here I would like to emphasize, first of all, the operational cooperation between our armies within the framework of NATO and the European Union, as well as everything that Europe is doing to provide Ukraine with strategic equipment. The Foreign Affairs and EU High Representative for Defense Policy is preparing plans in this direction,” the president said about France.

In addition, Macron noted that it would allow for a significant increase in arms production in Europe.

Let us recall that it was earlier reported that the Prime Minister Poland's Donald Tusk urged Europe to immediately increase military production.

Also, we reported earlier that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Europe must shift from single-factory to large-scale arms production.

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