Russian troops attacked the airfield in the Kharkiv region at night – column

On the night of April 5, enemy forces launched an air attack on the defunct airfield at Korotich in the Kharkiv region. No casualties were reported.

Rubrika reported this about Serhii Bolvino, the investigative department of the Kharkiv Regional Police. Facebook.

Investigators report that the Russians carried out five attacks on a non-working airfield in Korotich.

It was mentioned that the invaders damaged the hangars and the entire area was covered with craters as a result of the shelling. The place caught fire.

“According to preliminary information, the shelling came from the S-300 complex. Investigators, forensics and police explosives experts are working at the scene, searching for debris. This time there were no casualties.“, the message says.

Let us remind you that on the night of April 5, the Russian aggressors attacked Ukraine with 5 missiles and 13 Shahed kamikaze drones, all enemy drones were shot down. An explosion was heard in the Odesa area.

What is known about the Kharkiv shelling?

It is worth recalling that Russian troops have been shelling Kharkiv recently. Objects of civil infrastructure regularly become targets, resulting in civilians being killed and injured.

so, April 4 Russian invaders attacked Kharkiv with Shahed drones. Many UAVs have damaged private and apartment buildings. Notably, on April 4, Russia attacked Kharkiv twice.

Generally Russia launched 20 kamikaze drones over Ukraine, 11 of which were shot down by air defenses. According to the latest data, as a result of the attack Four people died and 12 were injured.

The condition of two wounded as a result of the “Shockade” attack on Kharkiv on the night of April 4 A total of five people are hospitalized with serious, serious injuries.

A 63-year-old worker of “Gazmerezh” is in critical condition, a 66-year-old injured person is in critical condition. A 34-year-old man is in moderate condition. All others are in mild condition.”Shapoval said.

Five people are being treated in hospital Victims, the spokesperson said. The condition of the injured rescuer is not serious, said Yevhen Vasilenko, a spokesman for the Department of Emergency Services of the Kharkiv Region.

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Also, the power facility in the Kharkiv area was also damaged.

Usually the Russians attack Kargi 3 S-300 systemsBut this week the Russian military struck for the first time Attack on Kharkiv using large-scale guided munitions. This is about the UMPB D-30 SN bomb. It is based on FAB-250.

As we reported earlier, MrAgade and drone attacks The Russians destroyed all of Kharkiv's critical energy infrastructure.

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