Armed forces systematically break through the defenses of the Russians near Zaporizhia and Bagmut.

On September 7, Ukrainian troops continued their offensive near Pakmut and the western part of Zaporizhia region.

They achieved further success on both fronts.

about this write down Inspectors of the Institute for War Studies.

Geospatial images released on September 7 indicate further Ukrainian troop advances northwest of Verbovoi (18 km southwest of Orikou) in western Zaporizhia region.

A prominent Russian military blogger said Ukrainian forces continued to advance in the area, while other military bloggers said on September 6 that Ukrainian forces had temporarily advanced to the northwestern outskirts of Verbovoi, indicating more recent Ukrainian advances northwest of the settlement.

Satellite images taken on September 6 showed burning leaves on trees about one kilometer northwest of Verbovoi, indicating Russian forces were firing on Ukrainian offensive forces.

Geospatial imagery released on 7 September shows that Ukrainian forces have made minor gains northwest of Klishivka (7 km southwest of Pakmut).

The General Staff of Ukraine reported that Ukrainian troops made unspecified victories in the south near Bagmud and Robotnyi (10 km south of Orikov) and near Verbovoy in the west of the Zaporizhia region.

We will remind you of that beforehand The armed forces declared victory near Pakmut, and Klishivka – in urban battles. It is worth noting that the aggressors walk away with a loss.

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