When the police investigate the first cases of abuse, the removal application is condemned

Carolna and Sophia. Both the pairs have one thing in common, namely that they faced the abuse of artificial intelligence while taking the photos. At first I started thinking my photos were on Telegram. CNN Prima NEWS Sophia described it as fake.

He sent me a nude photo. At first I was eyeballed, but I soon realized it was a fake. Carolna said the photo was taken from Instagram. According to Sophia, this is definitely not a mistake. “I was afraid that this would not happen to girls in mid-cycle and it might have psychological consequences,” she added.

Robert must appreciate the experience of the other side. His colleagues tested the app on a bike. First, someone created a photo of the editor, where he was completely naked, and the image went viral. We recorded it, but then other students’ photos started appearing, and it was surreal, Robert explained.

Police and units of similar cases may qualify as misdemeanors. “We’re talking about a misdemeanor here, as well as the possibility of a felony, for example, extortion, or if they’re involved, you’re a minor,” said police spokesman Joseph Bogn.

Comparable to Cybercon

According to psychologists, such cases occur only in minors. I have an indication that women coming from a round already had a problem with it. They sent their photos on social media and were manipulated by this application, psychologist Galina Zarolmkov confirmed.

Experts warn that the problem cannot be taken lightly. It is comparable to Icon and Cybercon. Psychologist Jana Volsk explains that a distorted self-image can lead to eating disorders in some people.

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But how to recognize an edited photo? If it’s a face, skin tone, natural, I recommend looking at the photo. “Very soon you can test those tools and there will be an application that reveals artificial intelligence,” said cyber security expert Miloslaw Lujka. But for now, one clear piece of advice applies: If anyone’s photo has been similarly defaced, contact the police.

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