A scathing candidate for the Slovak government wants to start withdrawing from the EU and NATO

Rudolph Hulyak, the notorious Slovak politician who refused to back the president for the position of environment minister, said he would try to initiate a referendum on Slovakia’s exit from the European Union and NATO.

This was reported by the publication “Europeska Pravda”. Uractive.

Huliak said his nationalist Slovak National Party would try to initiate a mandatory referendum on Slovakia’s exit from NATO and the European Union. However, he said the party would promote its program as much as “the weight of their mandate in the coalition would allow”.

Slovakia’s president named anti-Ukrainian Fico as a condition for the government’s approval

Slovakia’s president, Zuzana Chaputova, refused to accept Hulyak’s candidacy for the position of environment minister. Climate change denial and a history of aggression against activists.

Kulyak’s foreign policy views during televised debates forced future coalition leaders to distance themselves from him.

“We will insist that Slovakia’s membership in NATO and the European Union be clearly included in the government’s program statement,” Peter Pellegrini, the leader of the “Voice” party and candidate for the position of Speaker of the Parliament, commented on Huliak. Report.

Earlier, Pellegrini said his party would leave Robert Fizo’s cabinet if the country changed its foreign policy direction.

The referendum on leaving the European Union and NATO was a pre-election promise of the far-right Republican Party that failed to pass parliament. Previous attempts to organize such referendums have failed.

Hulyak’s Slovak National Party has also said it supports “EU reform” and that the quote from a fellow party member is not its official position. But Robert Fitzow, who is applying for the post of prime minister, supported the minister’s nomination and criticized the president’s refusal to endorse it.

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On Monday, Fico will hold meetings with the Nationalists to decide the fate of Huliak’s nomination.

Hulyak said he would file a constitutional complaint against Sabutova for not recognizing his candidacy.

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