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A spokesperson for the US Department of Defense said that the battlefield situation of the two countries is different

The Pentagon confirmed that the United States could provide weapons to Ukraine and Israel simultaneously, especially since the countries’ security needs have some common ground.

Defense Ministry Spokesperson General Patrick Ryder disclosed this during a press conference. write down “Ukrinform”.

“We can support in meeting Israel’s needs. We can support in Ukraine’s needs,” Patrick Ryder said.

He noted that the battlefield situation in the two countries was different and, in fact, there were not many positions that required overlap. In particular, according to Ryder, we are talking about 155 mm projectiles.

“Yes, (projectiles – ed.) 155 mm is a common area for both. But generally speaking, it is only a small area. We think there will be no problem in supplying it to both countries at present.” , said the commander.

According to the spokesperson, the US and allies and partners are ramping up production of 155 mm projectiles.

“So we’re confident that eventually we’ll be able to meet those needs,” Ryder added.

Earlier, the Western media reported about three types of weapons, which were used in Ukraine and Israel Demand in equally significant quantities.

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