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That night, the Russians released 28 drones from Kursk, Primorsk-Akhtarsk and Crimea.

The night of December 22 was difficult again in Ukraine. Russian drones have flown into residential buildings in the capital, rocking other cities as well.

Journalist Viktoriya Panchenko told TSN.ua in an exclusive story what the invaders did at night.

“Shaheed” attack

Wind warnings began to spread in Ukrainian cities from 9 p.m. Already at 11 o'clock, sirens blared in the capital, and in an hour Kiev authorities warned that it would be louder. After the first explosions, Telegram groups exploded with news about the “shaket” hitting a residential building, they were confused with the districts, first they reported a strike in the Solomyansky district of Kiev, then in the Holozivskyi district, people reported that something was burning in the Left Bank as well.

Unfortunately, no one is at fault. Solomyanskyi district did not receive much. There, the drone flew into the top floor of the building. Floors 24, 25 and 26 were partially damaged. However, the moment of impact was caught on video.

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Details of the “Shaheed” attack

Also, within minutes of the attack, the video went viral in the capital and was circulated by Russian propagandists. Well, you have already fired this shot, that's all, be patient, you will show it later, this may be another recorded crime of Russia, but no, you should immediately be angry, and urgently feed Telegram channels. However, this should already be done by the relevant services. It's surprising that people still don't realize that their videos help the enemy adjust their fire.

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Now for more details about the attack. As a result of the impact, a fire broke out on the upper floors of the building in Solomyansk district, which rescuers managed to put out in time, but many families are now left without a home. One required medical attention, and fortunately, all survived. Our colleagues from “Breakfast 1+1” have already visited the place.

TV host's property was vandalized

Later, it turned out that one of the destroyed apartments in the Solomyan district belonged to our media colleague Andriy Kovalsky, the host of the telethon “Yedini Novini”. The family miraculously escaped the worst.



The drone's “arrival” results

Now the family is collecting funds to restore housing on social networks. Kowalski himself says that at the moment of impact, his wife was able to jump out the window after hearing the sound of the drone. The epicenter of the explosion is believed to have been higher, but debris fell directly into their apartment.

But that was not the damage Russia did that night. There were no casualties or damage in Kiev's Holozivskyi district, but a partially destroyed house was also destroyed in the Darnytskyi district, where falling debris started a fire in an unfinished two-story private house.

Drone attack

No one was there at the time of impact. There was no loss of life. But they build, people, they build, Russia came and destroyed everything. Terrorists, nothing more.

That night, the Russians launched 28 drones from Kursk, Primorsk-Akhtarsk and Crimea, the Air Force writes: “The Air Force, anti-aircraft missile units and mobile fire brigades of the Air Force and Defense Forces of Ukraine were involved in repelling the air attack. As a result of the combat mission, 24 “Shaheda” Kiev, Shot down in Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zhytomyr, Rivne and Khmelnytskyi regions.

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Areas under shelling

The Russians continue to terrorize towns close to the front line. During the night and morning of December 22, the Russian army shelled Sumy Oblast three times. 13 explosions were reported. 2 communities set on fire. Due to this there was a fire accident in Sumi district.

They drove through tunnels

Let us remind you that on the evening of December 21, the occupiers attacked Zaporizhia. Civil infrastructure was affected there. And in the Donetsk region, on the night of December 21, the Russians bombed the Doretsk mines in the Donetsk region. Two bombs were dropped on each. One person died and two others were injured.

The company is not in power. There were 32 miners underground, but they have already been brought to the surface. Two more aerial bombs hit the territory of another mine. Two people died and three were injured. As a result of the strikes, administrative buildings and equipment were damaged. The emergency department showed how the rescue was done.

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