Prostitution on Sigma grounds? NCOZ inspects Xfa Kupka’s premises

In the corridors of the stadium’s stands, outside are apartments and flats not used for business, mostly quiet, nervous men looking at their mobile phones. The owners of the apartment there gradually became suspicious that I was here for sexual services offered by foreign prostitutes.

This apartment building’s day took on a whole new dimension on Tuesday when sleuths from the National Center for Organized Crime (NCOZ) turned up here.

I can only say that a form carried out the actions of a criminal woman, and now cannot provide any information, NCOZ Jaroslav Ipehej refused to talk about the reasons for the intervention, which was first reported by the website .

Bval football boss and Olomouc representative G Kubek.

According to information from MF DNES, a business originally rented a non-residential space on the first floor of the grandstand in Gupko. Editors were able to contact the former football boss, who confirmed that a complaint had been made to the police. He declined to comment on the entire case, including when asked if he knows what his property is for.

In general, I had one problem after another because I was a city representative and spoke uncompromisingly about a hundred apartments that the city wanted to steal. I have an interview and I’ll let you know what happens, Kubek shared.

According to the information of DNES of the Ministry of Finance, in my case, people will be brought throughout the entire republic, especially in the Czech Republic. Kubek is required to rent the non-residential space to a hunter from 2021, which the company declined to name at this time. Let my tribune be on one of your floors, and let it be on ours.

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This is known to all apartment dwellers

According to Unit Owners Association (SVJ) president Vladan Erno, there have been many occasions in the past for the association’s board to offer private erotic services at home.

We even advertised in newspaper for these services. But since it is a non-residential place, anyone can do anything as SVJ. We spoke to Mr. Kubek about this in the meeting. He looked surprised, but everyone here knew about it, Black pointed out.

From what I heard, it must be some kind of business, said the owner of the apartment in the stand, who wished to remain anonymous, but whose name is known to the editors.

Many of the apartment owners interviewed spoke similarly. One hundred percent there are foreign prostitutes here. This was a matter that was regularly discussed at the SVJ meeting, one of them confirmed. We want peace here, he said.

Quebec League top scorer. From 1984 to 2010, he was Sigma’s sports editor, but left the club in bad faith after a corruption scandal in court, during which he testified against him.

He is the first recognized expert on the sport and speaks about it at universities. As a life motto I use a quote from the writer Arnaud Lustig, which is in my pages: The duty of a hunter who knows his senses is to distinguish between good and bad, right from wrong and unfair.

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