Nayev said air defense is being strengthened in the north of Ukraine

“In the northern operational zone, together with the heads of the regional military administrations, steps are being taken to increase the number of mobile firefighting teams,” Nayew said.

According to him, this is necessary to increase the effectiveness of the air defense system.

“Thus every citizen of Ukraine felt protected, and our energy infrastructure facilities are ready to work at full capacity in winter conditions,” the commander added.

Attacks by the Russian Federation on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure

Let us remind you that last year Russia seriously attacked the Ukrainian energy sector, due to which Ukrainians faced turning off the lights and missing heat in winter.

This year, Ukraine is developing multi-level security for energy facilities.

Dmytro Sakharuk, director of DTEK, noted that if the Russians had not resorted to shelling of the country’s energy facilities, the energy system would have passed through the winter normally.

Otherwise, our anti-aircraft defenses will try to shoot at enemy targets as much as possible to protect the infrastructure that has been restored in the last six months.

In addition, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg promised that NATO countries would help Ukraine with air defense systems ahead of winter and prepare the Russians for attacks on critical infrastructure.

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