What's happening now and where ZSU has retreated – TSN Exclusive

The Russians tried to capture the city for almost 10 years, but Avdiivka eventually fell.

Avdiivka is now in the headlines, with events in the town shaking the whole of Ukraine. The brave defenders stood to the last, but eventually retreated to other positions.

The command commented on what actually happened in the new ghost town, why it happened, and what to expect next. How to avoid the cauldron, why the armed forces of Ukraine were forced to retreat, who is responsible for this, why this operation is called planned, what is happening now and how events may develop – says Victoria Hnatiuk exclusive of TSN.ua.

A ghost town

The sky over Avdivka turned black. Russian aircraft set fire to a tanker containing fuel oil and naphthalene and phosphorus bombs. Fighters of the 3rd Assault Division hid in the basement of the coke factory from continuous shelling, while the ceiling collapsed on their heads from continuous Russian strikes.

Ukrainian soldiers withdrew from Avdiivka to assigned positions. The decision was announced on the night of February 17 by the new Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Oleksandr Chirsky.

On February 19, Ukrainian troops completely withdrew from the city and took up new positions. The withdrawal from Avdiivka allowed the Ukrainian army to avoid a complete encirclement and prevent a new “cauldron”.

The Russians tried to capture the city for almost 10 years, but Avdiivka eventually fell. From October 2023, the invaders poured in their full strength and started destroying the city with KABs and all available weapons. These blows penetrated any ceiling, burning hundreds of square meters alive. After the strike, the ramparts erected here since 2014 are now only ditches and pits. The enemy was not deterred by the loss of thousands of personnel, and apparently, the price no longer interested them.

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How the Ukrainian army left Avdiivka

In fact, the 3rd Separate Assault Force was repositioned here for reinforcements. According to Deputy Commander Maxim Sorin, it was clear that the advance of the Russians, who had deployed their forces in large numbers, could not be stopped.

The 3rd OShBr also showed strange scenes leaving the city, every step of the Ukrainian army was literally in sight of the Russians. Even so, fighters of the 2nd Assault Battalion of the 3rd Assault Brigade continued to fire at the enemy drones.

Unfortunately, some of our soldiers were captured by the Russians, Ukraine lost many fighters, although it is worth noting that in the conditions in which our armed forces fought, the losses were less than those of the enemy.

Enemy losses

In nearly five months of efforts to capture Avdivka, the Russian army lost at least 17,000 soldiers and officers. This was reported by the representative of the operational and strategic group of troops “Davria” Dmytro Likovi. The total death toll of the invaders there was at least 47,000 killed and wounded.

Nothing is currently known about the exact figures of Ukrainian losses, but President Zelensky made it clear that there were seven Russians to one Ukrainian in Avdiivka.

Leaving the city is a very difficult task

In all the textbooks, leveling off is the most dangerous thing to do. Withdrawing thousands of fighters from a nearly besieged city and under fire control of the roads is an impossible task when you are hungry for bombs and the enemy, rather, dreams of a crushing cauldron. But a separate 3rd assault division was administered. Our soldiers were withdrawn from Avdiivka, and at the same time, at least 3 enemy regiments were torn apart until they were completely eliminated.

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What's next?

But what will happen next in the direction of Donetsk? Military experts make their predictions. They fear that after the loss of Avdiivka, the enemy will begin to press Kubyansk and Chasiv more seriously. Oleksandr Musienko, head of the Military Legal Research Center, told UNIAN:

“Our troops must withdraw from their flanks. We must now defend the Mariinsky direction and Vuklader – the enemy will hang everything, and a tactical withdrawal from some positions may also occur there. For this, lines are formed to successfully contain some defensive enemy.”

On the other hand, Zorin, the deputy commander of the 3rd OShbr, denies the fears of some military experts, who said that now Ukrainian troops will almost certainly return to Pokrovs.

Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov made conclusions about why this happened, but at the same time assured Ukrainians – he says, we will return to Avdiivka.

Reasons for the loss of the city

The loss of Avdiivka was America's fault, Joe Biden admitted, because one of the reasons for the city's decline was the weakening of American aid. This was stated by President Zelensky in an exclusive comment to “Inter”.

There are already the first reports of the delivery of new weapons, however, there are still countries that are openly delaying aid to Ukraine.

Therefore, one of the reasons for the loss of Avdiyivka was the lack of weapons, and Putin's personal order urgently needed at least some kind of victory before the elections. That is why the Russians attacked Avdiivka with all their might. From “3 days in Kiev” to the capture of Avdiivka…

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Which city are the Russians now setting their sights on?

At the same time, Putin has clearly not lost his appetite, so now the question is where Russian troops can go next.

Such a destination is called Kubiansk. According to expert Oleksandr Musienko, now the city will become a “very ambitious target” for the enemy:

“For the Russians, it would be more desirable to go to Osk right now, capture Kubyansk, and then join the Lyman Group. Then they can make this offensive into the northern part of the Donetsk region and threaten Kharkiv at the same time.”

Kubyansk is constantly under fire, but the enemy does not break through it this time. Our army continues to maintain a valiant defense against the enemy.

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Avdivka: Russians wiped the city off the face of the earth! What is happening now, where is the armed forces?

We will remind you that on the night of Saturday, February 17, the Ukrainian army left their positions and left Avdiivka.

The Ukrainian army was shown evacuating one of the last residents of Avdiivka.

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