Glassmaker Petr Novotný dies – News

“He had a divine feeling for glass. Although he didn’t have the glass-making genes, even as a boy, the incomprehensible material enchanted him,” says Nov Bor’s website. “Despite all his successes, he did not consider himself an artist or a businessman, but always a glassblower. Even on New Year’s Eve, a craftsman stood by the stove with a whistle, and you could drink beer from him.”

In 1994, together with glass technologist Libor Fafala and designer Borek Sibek, Novotny Ajeto founded the Lindava Glass Factory, famous for its unique glass orders and production of Thali Theater Awards.

Glassmakers at the smelter in Lindau produced Thalia gifts


“He created a glass manufacturing platform that is still in operation today. Essential glassware and artefacts for designers and artists around the world were created and are still being created in the bowels of Ajet,” designer Maksim Velkovsky wrote of Novotny.

Peter Novotny presented his work with glass in many countries of the world, he was often invited to various foreign events as a glass maker and glass teacher, on the contrary, dozens of new and experienced glass makers from all over the world came to Novi. Bored to see him every year.

Novotný has long supported the organization of the IGS International Glass Symposium in Nové Bor, actually saving it several times through his efforts. Since 2004, he has been gradually building his own glass empire in Nové Bor, which includes a museum, a restaurant, a smelter and a glass club.

In Nové Bor, Petr Novotný gained a reputation as a modest person with a big heart. “There are people who walk the world and leave their mark, and there are those who leave a legacy. Petr Novotný left all this behind and left a world of followers around the world,” Brazilian glass artist Ricardo Hoynef wrote about Novotný. “In the fifteen years I’ve been around glass, he’s one of the most generous people I’ve ever met,” he added.

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The old masters are slowly leaving, and the young are not impressed by the hard work at the millstone


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