Former Prime Minister Negas failed to appeal to the Supreme Court

Last May, an appeals court upheld Nečas' one-year suspended sentence and 100,000 crowns fine for a false statement in the case of misuse of military intelligence. Negas became the first former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to be legally convicted in a criminal case.

Nečas filed an appeal last May, which went to the highest-profile event in Brno in September. His lawyer Adam Černý previously told ČTK that the ruling against Nečas contradicts the Supreme Court's consistent jurisprudence.

According to the final judgment, Negas twice perjured himself in court in favor of his wife, Jana Negasova (formerly Nagyova).

The court upheld the suspended sentence for Nečas in the news agents case for ODS MP

The Circuit Court and Appellate Panel concluded that Nečas had attempted to arrest his wife and three of her accomplices – military informants.

Courts pointed out that Nečas had the opportunity to testify against a close person in the military investigation case, which he did not do. At the same time, he was duly instructed that in such a case he should speak the truth.

Nagyová, Nečas' ex-lover and head of her cabinet, illegally ordered reporters to surveil the prime minister's first wife, Radka, and two government office workers.

Negas says he asked his then chief of staff, Nagy, to provide him with the help of informants because he felt concerned about his safety.

The court affirmed Nečas' stipulation for false statement

Based on Nečas' statements in 2015 and 2017, the court initially acquitted the woman several times. In the end, the Justice Department handed her a severe suspended sentence and a maximum – say ten years – ban from holding senior positions in government administration.

The actors' complaints were categorically rejected by the Constitutional Court in 2022. Former President Miloš Zeman later pardoned Nečasová before the end of her mandate. She was pardoned throughout her probation.

Last December, the Court of Appeal upheld a 2.5-year suspended sentence with a four-year probationary period and fined Nečas one million crowns in another case of so-called news agents for ODS representatives.

His co-defendant, former Agriculture Deputy Minister Roman Boček, received a two-year suspended sentence and must pay 300,000 crowns. The conviction of the men for bribery was final.

Nečasová also appeared in the case, she was sentenced by the Court of First Instance with a two-year suspended sentence and a fine of three lakhs. However, the woman did not appeal against the verdict, and the decision was already legally binding. All three denied the crime from the beginning.

At that time I was scared and distrustful of security. Nečas denied the charge of perjury in favor of his wife

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