In Germany, Scholes’ laughter caused outrage after the report on Taurus

The German opposition expressed irritation with President Olaf Scholz’s laughter when he responded to a question about the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

This was reported by “European Truth”. N-TV.

Olaf Scholz’s “no” on the Taurus transfer has attracted a lot of criticism over the past few months.

Now the laughter of the chancellor during the conversation with the citizens, which represents Taurus, caused irritation. In Lüneburg last Sunday, Scholz wanted to explain why he is against supplying Ukraine with much-needed Taurus missiles.


“Sure, I trust my friends. But I wouldn’t give everyone all my weapons,” he suddenly starts laughing.

This has been strongly criticized by the main opposition Christian Democratic Union.

“It is absolutely disgraceful that the president is laughing at Ukraine’s expense. The laughing president insults the people in Ukraine who are fighting for their survival and our freedom,” CDU General Secretary Carsten Linnemann criticizes.

In his opinion, the question should be asked: “How seriously does the president really take his words in favor of Ukraine?”

It may be recalled that the United States transferred ATACMS missiles to Christophe Heusken, chairman of the Munich Security Conference. The principal insisted Olaf Scholz’s Germany should reconsider its refusal to supply Taurus cruise missiles.

Scholz recently confirmed the following The ship refuses to deliver the missiles.

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According to the media, in the United States hopeA decision on ATACMS for Ukraine could push Germany into similar action regarding its own Taurus cruise missiles.

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