Trump wanted to make a closing argument in court, the judge let him, then stopped him

Attorney General Letitia Jamesow sued Trump in New York court. He claims the former president overstated his assets before financial institutions and committed other business crimes.

It is highly unusual for the people represented by the First Ladies to advance the state by themselves. In emails released by the court on Wednesday, Engoran initially spoke highly of Trump.

The judge let Trump mince his words. Engoran wrote that he should not release new evidence, comment on inappropriate matters, make pre-election speeches or attack judges and judicial personnel, the prosecutor, his first daughter or the judicial system. Like James, he was a Democrat.

The former president is the 2024 Republican presidential candidate. He calls the process a fraud and a political drain on his person, though flawed, the process could cost him hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and a lost opportunity. Business in New York.

Trump's first deputy, Christopher Kiss, said the regulations are fraught with ambiguity, increasing the likelihood of erroneous input or accidental violations. According to Engoron, however, this is reasonable, usually limited, but according to Kiss, they are very unreasonable.

“You don't allow President Trump to talk about things that need to be talked about,” the lawyer wrote, “first accused and outraged by an out-of-control and politically motivated lawyer.”

Trump's first time the justices didn't hear until late afternoon. Therefore, Engoran assumed that Trump disagreed with the ground rules and would not speak in the final process. And the sprain was allowed and cancelled.

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Taking on the role usually performed by a lawyer can be dangerous for any defendant. Trump's willingness to address the court is particularly dangerous because he has clashed with the judge over previous comments about the crash.

Engoron fined him a total of $15,000, which Trump appealed. The first judge warned the former president that if he ordered the marriage, he would be removed from court and fined at least $50,000.

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