Uranus from Ještěd. How can mined metal be used in a nuclear power plant?

The car rumbles through the old asphalt between forests and meadows. We pass through a fenced entrance. First the cameras scan us. Only then will the traffic light and raised barrier allow us to proceed. There are activities. We are going to explore a place where vital raw material for energy or weapons industry is located and at the same time dangerous to life. Uranium.

“Don’t worry, you can get close to it. “It won’t do you anything,” urges Pavel Zhirsko, a technologist at the state enterprise Tiamo. He is holding a jar of pollen, a yellow powder like ammonium diuranate. The chemical formula is (NH4)2U2O7. It is a uranium concentrate and the starting material for fuel cells in nuclear power plants. .

At that time, no one thought about the fact that after mining, the acid lake would be underground. If he thought, he quickly calmed down.

Joseph StadlerDeputy Director of Uranium Mining and Processing Plant for Production and Environment

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