VLK in Kiev will start checking – the Ministry of Health has issued a decree

According to him, in order to speed up the passage of VLC and make it more convenient, last year the Ministry of Health introduced a separate package within the framework of the medical guarantee program, which allows a citizen to undergo a medical examination. Medical facility with clearly defined time frame.

“However, part of the VLK still operates on the basis of procurement centers, not civilian medical facilities,” Lyashko writes.

Not just corruption

At the same time, the minister said other matters were not left unconsidered:

  • Corrupt elements such as demanding bribes for taking into account all existing diseases and conditions during medical examinations;
  • Decisions on plans to illegally transport men under age limits across state lines or deferment from conscription due to health conditions;
  • Systematic approach to sending VLK through conscription;
  • Negligence of doctors;
  • Problems with challenging inventions.

People can complain to the Ministry of Health and get help

According to him, the list can be continued, and there are many other problems, but not all of them are directly affected by the Ministry of Health.

“But for our part, we will do everything we can to ensure that everyone works in the legal field without exception. To do this, we cooperate with law enforcement authorities. To do this, we hold a dialogue with military administrations. Shameful cases of doctors deliberately giving false diagnoses or demanding bribes for correct diagnosis must be stopped. . . Every transaction should receive a proper evaluation by law enforcement agencies. We work together,” Liashko wrote.

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He urged people to report any violations they may encounter and everyone should be proactive. This will help you better understand what and where the problems are, which means acting accordingly. You can contact the VLC at Civil Medical Facilities by phone: 0 800 60 20 19.

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Reform of military medical commissions in Ukraine

VLK is currently on the same level of corruption and corruption as the former military commissars. There are many stories about getting unqualified certificate there by paying bribe. So, the authorities decided to reform the VLK. Read more about this in the article RBC-Ukraine.

Let us remind you that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that military medical commissions in the country are working badly. He mentioned that the authorities will prepare solutions to correct such problems.

In September, Zelenskyi implemented a National Security Council decision on reforming military medical examinations in Ukraine's armed forces.

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