Car wheels and steering wheels are disappearing from Dresden. Pilt suggested that this was due to rising prices in the Czech Republic and Poland

A gang in Dresden steals, steals cars and they are very interested in wipers, navigation systems, wheels, catalytic converters or steering wheels. The stolen goods then end up on the black market. Behind the extensive car thefts in Dresden is a mafia made up of Germans and Eastern Europeans who specialize in stealing parked cars to sell for spare parts. writes the German daily Bild. He said thefts are on the rise in the Czech Republic due to the high cost of spare parts.

According to Bild newspaper, stolen car parts end up on the black market, where the price of spare parts increases. “This also increases the motivation of criminals. We can assume that stolen car parts are sold on the black market as spare parts. The known and exposed criminals so far are German nationals and foreigners. But they cannot be denied primarily. East European crime groups play their part in this business,” Chief Inspector Carsten Jäger Bildim said. Daily said. At the same time, police are encouraging Dresden residents not to park in public parking lots and streets.

You are at the Czech border in thirty minutes on the A17 highway, while Poland can be reached in an hour on the A4 highway. “Prices have gone up dramatically in neighboring countries, which may have led to an increase in thefts in our country,” the analyst added.

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According to Bild newspaper, the thieves work in concert and have professional equipment, including car jacks. They steal at night and need to finish the job quickly. Using a jack, they lift the car and remove the catalytic converter.

The Dresden gang doesn't just steal small components like navigation, catalytic converters or steering wheels. Thieves are interested in complete sets of bikes depending on the time of year. Both summer and winter tires are stolen regardless of rims. Thieves mainly steal utility vehicles, which are used by families on a daily basis. These are not premium brands, but classic cars, for example, Volkswagen, Skoda or Opel.

They are popular everyday cars among many Eastern Europeans and their cheap spare parts are in high demand on the black market, Bild adds. There is no 100% protection against thieves. Investigators recommend parking in garages or underground or secured parking. “Everyone who has the chance should park their car in an underground car park or garage. If you park on the street, avoid dark corners – it's better to park next to a lamppost,” says the chief inspector.

“Part thieves don't like being in the 'spotlight,'” Jagger added. Dresden police currently have 300 open cases, mainly because thieves are careless and leave behind many clues, including DNA.

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