Prigozhin assessed the losses of Ukraine –

Prigogine insisted that the armed forces were “doing everything right” during the counterattack.

Evgeny Prigozhin, the owner of Wagner PMC, who had previously assumed that his fighters would no longer fight in Ukraine, announced on August 5 that they would return to the front.

A propaganda telegraph channel released a video of a speech by the head of the Wagner group.

Prigozhin commented on the Ukrainian counteroffensive and acknowledged that the armed forces were “doing everything right”.

“The Ukrainians have launched an offensive. I tell you. They are doing everything efficiently. They are cutting some areas in the direction of Zaporozhye. At the same time, they are covering their left flank – where are all these battles. Now, ​​Urozhane, etc. In the area they managed to occupy, they It is 100 sq km, according to my calculations, a little more,” says the PVCK owner.

He was responding to Russian propaganda reports of heavy losses of Ukrainian troops during the counterattack. Prigozhin insisted that it was about “ordinary war losses”.

“They are moving cautiously, calmly. They lost two Leopards and several Bradleys. Typical war losses. I am not speaking for their PR. But we have to assess calmly. So, it is too early to be happy,” says the leader. “Wagner”.

In August he announced the return of his fighters to the front. Prigozhin again promised that his subordinates would not follow Shoigu’s order and would not conclude contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“We are resting, preparing, we still have time. On June 5, we left (Ukraine. – Ed.), and on August 5, the “Wagner” PVK will be able to perform assigned tasks in full combat readiness. Fairy tales of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, “No one who has not signed an agreement with the Ministry of Defense can participate in the SVO – no one can prevent a “Russian man” from defending his land,” he concluded.

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Let us remind that the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Serhiy Shoigu ordered the “Wagnerians” to come under his command. Prigozhin replied that he would not sign any contract with PVK “Wagner” Shoigu.

Today, dictator Putin confirmed that all Russian PMKs fighting on the front lines must sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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