Parliamentarians haven't finished their meeting? Years later, Bartók, the folklorist, briefly switches to his colleague Vondrk from ANO.

NedvnUntil almost eleven o'clock In the lower house Tomiya Okamura tried to prevent the SPD from recognizing the coalition after that. Correspondent election, the ice moved. For some time, the delegates started talking out about changing the structure of the House of Representatives. Then an expedited meeting, which nowadays sometimes takes tens of hours. During this meeting, they could not even approve the program of the previous session.

Radek Vondrek, a former lower house of parliament from ANO, sent a letter last month with a proposal for several changes, which he took on as the leader of the coalition – the current mayor of the lower house, Jan Bartok from the KDU-SL. He said to HN's question that the parties may agree on some other issues. “After two years, this is the first concrete plan that has received repeated reminders from the opposition. Some of the proposals have a ratio,” Bartok said.

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  • How robust are changes in the pace of parliamentary sessions?
  • What would Radek Vondrek, former speaker of ANO, propose?
  • How does parliamentary matador Marek Benda of the ODS see it?

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