People who drank there wanted to be scared, Pavel said about the demonstration from Vclavek

Such people cannot be taken out, said President Peter Pavel, who was joined by Slovak President Zuzana Abutova during a discussion at the Slovak National Theatre. The moderators of the presidential debate were the editors of Denk N Pavel Tomek and Slovak Dennk N Mat Kostoln.

After the so-called official Czechoslovak protest ended, some of its supporters tried to enter the National Museum to remove the Ukrainian flag, but the police prevented them from doing so. There were 18 people there.

President Petr Pavel thus went to a discussion in Bratislava, where he argued with Slovak President Zuzana Aputová that Ukraine must restore its borders, otherwise Russia would be treated like a vtz.

According to the Czech President, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is listening to you and it is clear that Russia will not stop at Ukraine, it will be Moldova. For me, this is a big thing, Peter Pavel said while looking at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to him, one day children will learn about the current president of Ukraine, who leads his country against Putin.

He was also worried about the fact that at the end of January, the President of Slovakia did not go to Prague, and after it became clear that he had defeated Andrej Baby to become the new President, Frau Karln appeared in Krtka. He compared the atmosphere to rock star drinking.

He reiterated his view that one presidential term aa but avoided a clear answer to the question of whether he would run for office in five years. “I will not take such an opportunity lightly,” said Pavel.

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