Poll: Far-right pro-Russian party wins election in Netherlands

Former Prime Minister Mark Rudd’s Conservative Party came in third.

U In the Netherlands Early elections were held, in which the far-right Populist Freedom Party (PVV), led by pro-Russian politician Geert Wilders, won according to exit polls.

This is reported by the portal NOS Ipsos refers to exit poll data.

The PVV is expected to win 35 of the 150 seats in parliament – more than double the number it won in last year’s election.

In second place are the Labor Alliance and the Green Left, led by former European Commissioner Franz Timmermans – with 25 seats. Third place is occupied by VVD, the conservative party of former Prime Minister Mark Rudd. It gets 24 seats – ten fewer than in 2021.

It should be noted that Wilders continues to oppose any support for Ukraine and even calls for the Netherlands to leave the EU.

Let us recall that it was previously reported that there was a pub in the Dutch city of Groningen Pro-Russian politician Thierry Bodet was attacked during a pre-election event.

In addition, we previously reported that Dutch authorities want to check Russian taxi app Yango, In connection with the transfer of customer data to the FSB belongs to Yandex.

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