Eggs thrown in courtroom: Mykolive lawyer gets life sentence for treason.

Based on evidence collected by the Security Service of Ukraine, the former head of the Mykolaiv District Prosecutor’s Office was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The court where the sentence was carried out was held in Odessa. Relatives of the dead soldiers sat in the hall as Hennadi Herman, a prosecutor from the city of Mykolaiv, repaired the fire. They held in their hands portraits of the dead, nearly 50 of them.

Relatives of the deceased in the courtroom. Photo: Public

He was found guilty of treason in a public indictment by prosecutors of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in the Military and Defense Department of the Southern Region.

According to the materials of the investigation, the investigator of the Mykolaiv district prosecutor’s office cooperated with representatives of the Russian security forces. For this, he used a middleman to “clear his tracks”.

The former head of the Mykolaiv district prosecutor’s office, Gennady Herman, was detained on April 4, 2022 and sent to SIZO on April 6. According to the investigation, he cooperated with the Russian special services.

He provided information on the operational situation in Mykolaiv and the region;

– Lists of dead military and civilians, prisoners, their detentions;

– informed about the results of Mykolive shelling;

– Daily passwords are issued for checkpoints in the region.

To document the traitor, the SBU conducted a special operation, including a simulated crime.

Hennadi Hermann was found guilty of treason by the court. Photo: Public

Through an impersonator, the Ukrainian special service handed the suspect a simulated list of dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A few days later, these lists were already registered with the representative of the Russian Federation, who was monitored by the SBU.

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As a result of the search, a mobile phone, computer equipment and flash drives containing evidence of his illegal activities were seized from the suspect.

Now, the court has sentenced him to life imprisonment with confiscation of assets.

During the court’s sentencing, relatives of soldiers killed by Russian rockets during the shelling of the barracks in Mykolayiv threw eggs at defendant Gennady Herman.

Relatives threw eggs at the place where accused ex-lawyer Gennady Herman was sitting. Photo: Public

The “Evening Kyiv” publication reported that the SBU detained a former regional official during counter-sabotage operations who collected intelligence on the protection of the northeastern borders and sent it to the Russian Federation.

Olga Skotnikova“Evening Kiev”

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