To rocks and Krishna forest. Try these five tips for magical fall flights

1 Labsk piscovs

From the Grenzplatte viewpoint, a panoramic view of the Bielatal mine, the village of Ostrov and the clear shadow of the sun opens up.

Labsko pskovcov for the oldest tourist areas Bizarn pskovcov Tisk stny pat. Visiting this picturesque rock town near the Dnsk Snnk Lookout Peak and descending the Ostrovsk Walls with the Grenzplatte Lookout, the towns and a full day’s flight are ahead of us. Autumnal beauty is emphasized here, especially blooming lilacs and flowers.

After visiting the walls of Diss, you can depart from Diss tourist hut on your way to the Danish Sun. The road passes through a small and slightly snowy rock town called Nebesk e or Himmelreich. Behind this interesting name, if you climb a mountain, only the sky is visible between the peaks of rocks and trees.

The green sign descends to the village of Ostrov in a valley near the Czech-German border. Down on one side, the slabs border the meter-high Ostrovsk Walls of hard sandstone, which climbers love to see. On the other side, climb the German side of the mountain with rocky needles with a beautiful view of Grenzblatt, from where you can see a panoramic view of the Philatelic mine, the village of Ostrow and the clear shadow of the sun.

A red tourist sign climbs from the valley to the top of Dnskho Snnka, PLA Labsk Pskovce and the highest table mountain in the Czech Republic. A walk along the edge of the summit plateau where the pskov cliffs drop steeply, you can enjoy dramatic views from all corners of the globe.

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For the best views, head to our country’s oldest 33-meter high stone lookout tower, which has stood atop the Danish sun since 1864. Lookout Tower is one of the technological monuments. One of the most beautiful sights on earth. Returning to the tourist hut follows the cycle path. 3017.
Practical information: Flight length 14 km (4 hours)

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