The Russians have a 4 caliber missile carrier in the Black Sea

She informed about it Press Office Navy

There are no Russian ships in the Sea of ​​Azov, and there are three enemy ships on combat duty in the Mediterranean, one of which is the Kalibr cruise missile carrier.

Earlier, Natalya Humenyuk, head of the Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, reported in Espresso about the presence of two enemy ships in the Black Sea, one of which was the “Calibers” carrier.

“It was a very unusual quiet night for the southern region, especially in the hot direction – on the right bank of the Kherson region. Although the shelling did not stop, it was still relatively quiet. The enemy’s aircraft did not operate at night. , which is partly related to the deterioration of the weather in our region. In particular, the situation at sea is changing significantly, “The head of the Press Center of the United Coordination of Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine noted.

According to her, it is a sea storm, 4-5 points, and for the Black Sea it is a powerful storm.

“The enemy fleet in the Black Sea is currently represented by two units, one of which is a missile-carrying submarine, equipped with four caliber missiles.” However, there is no need to rest, because the enemy can attack directly. From the Gulf, despite the fact that this was a violation of security regulations, “Natalia Humenyuk explained.

Captain of the 1st rank, the enemy ships are now on combat duty, and they prefer to remain at base points, as the stormy weather, as a rule, does not give an opportunity to launch a normal planned and measured attack. Humenyuk emphasized that vigilance is necessary as the underwater missile carrier is on duty and capable of striking in such weather.

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