Shelling of Sumi region: More than 170 explosions per day, one injured

Effects of enemy shelling in Sumi area, illustration of OVA

In the past day, the Russians carried out 40 shelling attacks on the territories of the Sumy region, attacking with various weapons, launching rockets and laying mines, as a result of artillery shelling in the Myropil community, one person was injured.

Evidence: Army Administration Sumi region

Indeed: “173 explosions were recorded. The communities of Khotinsk, Myropilsk, Bilopolsk, Vorozhbyansk, Krasnopilsk, Velikopysarivsk, Putivlsk, Shalyginsk, Esmansk, Znob-Novgorodsk, Seredino-Budsk came under fire.”


details: Fired artillery and mortars on enemy line community – 18 explosions.

Shalijin community was hit by mortar fire, 4 explosions.

Mortar shelling and 5 explosions were recorded in Znob-Novgorod community.

The Esmansk community was followed by mortar attacks, artillery attacks, and airstrikes from helicopters, with 4 rockets fired.

In the community of Krasnopilsk, the enemy dropped a VOG from an unmanned aerial vehicle, conducted artillery and mortar attacks, 21 explosions.

Ceredino-Butsk community hit by FPV-drone-kamikaze, artillery and mortar fire – 32 explosions.

FPV-drone-kamikaze attacks, shelling from MLRS, artillery and grenade launchers were also recorded in Bilopol community. A total of 32 explosions.

Russians shelled Vorozhbiansk community from one tank, 8 explosions.

Artillery and mortars hit the community of Velikopizarovsk, and 7 bursts were fired from an unmanned aerial vehicle (VOG).

Occupiers dropped 3 mines in Putivlsk community.

Mortar fire and artillery shelling in the Mirobil community, totaling 29 explosions. As a result of enemy artillery fire, one person was wounded.

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