The President of Slovakia once again explained the position regarding military aid to Ukraine

Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova once again commented on the situation by disapproving of a new package of military aid to Ukraine, which she decided not to approve due to the results of the parliamentary elections.

He said this in an interview to a television channel TV Marquis On Sunday, “The European Truth” reports.

According to Saputova, Slovakia’s president “does not have the right to decide on military aid,” a prerogative of the government.

At the same time, Acting Prime Minister Lutovid Odor communicated with the President his position that his government would no longer make decisions about providing military aid, and Saputova accepted this argument.

Czech Republic Prime Minister Disapproves of Slovakia’s Decision to “Stop” Military Aid to Ukraine

Additionally, he says, the content of the military aid package was another factor.

“It’s not just about ammunition… If there’s only ammunition, that’s a completely different issue, a completely different topic of discussion,” the Slovak president says, without referring to the planned transfer to Ukraine.

Sabutova insisted that she was not implying her position Disagreement over providing military aid to KievRecalling his earlier statements.

On Wednesday, it became known that the president of Slovakia He opposed the provision of a new military aid package Former Prime Minister Robert Fico’s anti-Ukrainian Smar-SD party won in Ukraine’s parliamentary election results.

Her office later explained to EvroPravda: Sabutova believes military aid will be approved by the current outgoing government. It would set a dangerous precedent for power transition After future elections.

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