The Russians attacked the communities of the Sumy region with anti-aircraft guns, dropping 28 mines

Effects of Sumi Region’s Enemy Shell, illustration of OVA

In the past day, the Russians launched 36 shelling attacks in the Sumy area, dropped 28 mines on two communities, and hit two with anti-aircraft guns.

Evidence: Army Administration Sumi region

In fact: “183 explosions were recorded. The communities of Yunakivsk, Miropilsk, Filopolsk, Krasnopilsk, Velikopisarivsk, Esmansk, Shalykinsk, Seredino-Butsk, Snob-Novgorodsk were under fire.”


details: Enemy launched mortar, MLRS, artillery air attack on AV Unakivska Hromada. A total of 25 explosions.

Esman community was hit by mortar, artillery, machine guns – 11 explosions.

The Russians dropped 15 mines on the Ceredino-Butsk community. There was also shelling from MLRS, artillery, FPV drones – 23 explosions.

FPV drone attacks, mortar and artillery attacks and 19 explosions were recorded in Bilopol community.

The enemy hit the Snob-Novgorod community with mortars, 7 explosions.

Artillery attack, 2 explosions were conducted in Miropil community.

In Velykopisarivsk community, shelling from mortars and RPGs, 32 explosions were recorded.

The Russians dropped 13 mines on the Krasnopil community.

The enemy carried out airstrikes by KAB and machine gun fire on the community of Shalyginsk.

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