Evil came from Germany… Pavel didn’t say it, but people knew it, says Ivan David

Ivan David, MEP for the SPD movement, evaluated President Petr Pavlín’s Wednesday speech at Vítkov in Prague on Victory Day – the end of World War II. According to David, many inadequate comparisons fell from the president’s mouth, such as the war in Ukraine and World War II. This pre-conflict situation is ignored. Also, the claim that Nazi Germany became a democracy is not entirely true because it appears as an aggressor from the outside.

Evil came from Germany... Pavel didn't say it, but people knew it, says Ivan David

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In his speech, President Pavel praised the soldiers and civilians who “actively resisted evil so that future generations could live their lives in peace” and, according to him, the “paradox of Russia” is still pronounced.

“The Soviet Union, which was an essential part of the Allies that fought against and finally defeated the invasion, Russia today has become the aggressor who has unleashed a war on the European continent, which in no way compares to the Second World War. On the other hand, the then defeated Nazi Germany, after deep thought, was a force to help maintain stability. became a democracy,” the president added.

In the first part, according to Ivan David, the president very objectively assessed the contribution of individual members of the anti-Nazi coalition, in the second part of his speech he did not fail to mention the situation in Ukraine, using it to evaluate. A common anti-Russian narrative is that Putin had a bad night’s sleep and decided in the morning that nothing could be done to invade Ukraine.

“This means that they completely ignore the whole situation that preceded it,” said the MEP from the SPD movement, adding that the roots of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are being ignored. “I think it is purposeful, because there is an attempt to get out of the situation where Ukraine is fighting, which will lead to the loss of the authority of the North Atlantic Treaty, or a war will break out. Beyond the borders of Ukraine,” Ivan David continued.

But according to David, Russia has no intention of expanding its military operations further westward, because it can only lose by doing so.

He stopped at other moments of President Powell’s speech. He begins his speech by fighting against the ideology of racial superiority, but it is not mentioned from which country or from which ideological direction this ideology came. However, the SPD politician believes most people lack the knowledge that racial superiority originated in Germany.

“After all, Mr. President reminded us that Germany today is a democracy, which does not mean that a democracy cannot take part in some aggressive actions. If a country holds regular elections and has political parties democratically competing for power, it has nothing to do with how that country behaves externally. can not tell.

“Today, Germany participates more than France or Britain and other countries, putting pressure on Russia to supply military equipment and weapons, so I think that Germany today behaves aggressively externally,” Ivan David pointed out. Because there are still American, British and French bases on its territory.

Did he consider it inappropriate to compare today’s Russian-Ukrainian conflict to World War II, as the president did? “Because of the scale of military operations in Ukraine, which I believe cannot be compared to World War II over its entire six-year period, it is somehow an exaggerated parallel, it is not adequate,” the member said. European Parliament, Ivan David.

In the President’s speech, it was said that in the 20th century we stood alone against Nazi aggression and Soviet aggression. “The years 1938 and 1968 are a constant reminder to us of what it is to be a victim and how deep our shame was,” said Petr Pavel, not just the Czech Republic, but all of the Middle and East by joining NATO. Europe has achieved the highest security guarantee in our history.

By the Soviet occupation, the president probably meant 1968, but it was actually the occupation of the Warsaw Pact troops, Ivan David pointed out: “It is true that the Soviet Union played a large part in that operation, but that is good. The decision to take that action, a referendum was held, and the so-called Allies “It should be remembered that most of those who agreed to the invasion of the five troops were non-Russian representatives. The only Russian in the body that decided on it is said to have abstained. So to recall it today is completely inadequate,” he said.

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