To put out on fire, to coal. High voltage can kill even without touching, the video warns

Simona Wrightlove remembers standing in the wagon. Then I woke up in the hospital and heard a PPN signal. I couldn’t move and I was cold. Then my sister was drinking, I’m in the hospital, I have to keep quiet or I’ll get hurt, no, I’m a young woman, a victim of a physical phenomenon called an electric arc.

Outside Esk those Kadoron boards and hundreds of strong young men were wounded, especially on the railway. Most of them do not realize the danger of being exposed to the proximity of high voltage wires.

According to a research conducted by a press company for medium wheels, 70 to 80 percent of them think they need to touch them while grinding, which is not true. A physical phenomenon known as electrical arcing is not included outside the wheels, which is considered a fault, says Petr Dadk, chief engineer of high and low voltage at the distribution company EG.D, which falls under the energy company. E.ON

So he and his colleagues produced a video warning about the dangers of high voltage. And it’s not a good tactic.

Some animals are rough, but that’s the perception of real danger. We would like to point out that focusing on high voltage wires can lead to dangerous consequences. Dodtk writes that we preferred the video on medium wheels because many of the injured were wheels.

Effects throughout life

Between 2015 and 2022, electric arcs in Esk injured 3,301 people, 1,367 of whom were children. Nejastje goes to the railway wagons, a couple of people climb on it in a waterway, as well as a video shot on a hill in Malomice, Brno.

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Simona Riedlov made the same mistake in real life. I didn’t realize we were on a train. I preferred not to put such nonsense in the oven because there were crumbs. But when I played it again, we didn’t notice the grinding. We knew we were in a place where there was nothing we could do, but we didn’t realize that our lives would be in danger.

She died of injuries to her face, neck and chest at the University Hospital in Krovsk Vinohrady in Prague.

Her forehead was wet several times. He embraced the entire spectrum of surgery using art and modern technologies. In such cases, the head injury continues even at home, this time leaving lifelong consequences, explains Robert Zajek, head of the trauma clinic at the Faculty of Medicine, Krlovsk Vinohrady.

Sparks fly in arcs

The creators of the video also visited the Technical University in Brno to document the mysterious physical phenomenon. Even to experts, it is surprising how high the temperature of an electric arc reaches and how much energy is released during it.

While in the glaciers, the raw iron melts at about 1,300 degrees Celsius, with a narrow electric arc that raises the temperature to 14,000 degrees, the highest on the surface of the Sun.

If the predator is within a decimeter of a high-voltage conductor, the intensity of the electric field is high enough to make sand jump. It first forms as a spark, which gradually develops into an arc flash. Once the voltage is turned on, it’s hard to turn it off, points out Michael Krbel, head of the High Voltage Laboratory at BUT.

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Many people think that you have to get too close to a high voltage and touch it to get it going. That is not true. Pescoc can occur even over relatively large distances, he adds.

The electric arc is very strong, lasts a long time and extends into space. In addition, unlike burning with fire or hot water, it does not only cause surface injuries, but also damages internal organs. I can change lives in seconds.

You can’t get rid of physical scars, you will have them for the rest of your life and people will develop them. You’ll never forget it, it’ll be a reminder of the stupidity you did to the Wrights.

EG.D’s video was released in many countries in its English version and in professional circles. The goal is to get it in the middle chakra, so teachers can use it to draw attention to the danger and make them aware of it, declares Dodg.

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