Inflation in Ukraine – how prices have risen in a year

Prices of almost all commodities rose.

In Ukraine, inflation is rising after two months of lows. Compared to September 2022, prices in the country have risen by 7.1%. As almost everything has become expensive, it is difficult to single out a group of goods that have become overpriced.

As reported State Statistical Service

According to experts, prices for restaurant and hotel services in Ukraine have risen sharply. During the year, the cost of service increased by 16.9%.

It is worth noting what is expensive in Ukraine

  • The cost of housing and communal services increased by 13.2%;
  • Miscellaneous goods and services – 13.5%;
  • Education – 12.7%;
  • Alcohol and tobacco products – 11.6%;
  • Health care costs rose 9.9%;
  • Transport (fuel and lubricants, as well as rail and road passenger transport) – 6%.

A little less – 5.8% – the price of food and soft drinks, as well as communication (4.5%) increased.

What is not expensive in Ukraine

Prices for entertainment and culture increased by 2.8%. And clothing and footwear, according to the State Statistics Service, generally fell by 3%.

Prices for products

In general, food prices in Ukraine decreased by 0.6% during the month.

  • Bakery products – 0.6%;
  • fruits – 5.1%;
  • Sunflower oil – 1.6%;
  • Fish and fish products – 0.4%.

However, the price has increased for some levels. Therefore:

  • Egg prices rose 12.3%;
  • Oil – 1.3%;
  • Sugar – 1.2%.
  • How food prices have changed in Ukraine

As already reported, the price of a package of borscht in Ukraine in the fall of 2023 fell.

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