The eight-year-old Kherson boy returned to his mother in Odessa

Ukrainian children return home. Photo is illustrative

Ukraine returned three more children from the hands of Russian occupiers

On Sunday, December 24, three more children from the temporarily occupied territories returned to Ukraine. An eight-year-old boy lived with his grandmother in the Kherson region, but she died. Also 18-year-old twin brothers were reported missing but were found.

Mykola Kuleba, who was involved in the exchange, told Telegram about the dramatic fate of these children. He noted that this is the 14th rescue mission of the Save Ukraine group.

According to him, at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, eight-year-old Elysi lived with her grandmother in the occupied part of the Kherson region. Mother lived in Odessa. But the grandmother died, and the occupation authorities immediately enrolled the child in a boarding school. As the mother was unable to take her son due to ill health, the woman's relative went to pick him up. However, despite the fact that the woman had all the necessary documents, without explaining anything, the child was not given to her.

“It is necessary to act, because if a child stays in the territory of the Russian Federation without parental care for half a year, he is given the appropriate status, which allows him to be given to a Russian family or to choose another method. Employment. So the mother receives the necessary medical treatment and takes the child from the occupied territory. Our team did everything to ensure,” Kuleba wrote.

The beloved woman had to overcome many hours of FSB interrogations, interviews and obstacles. Fortunately, she was able to pick up her son from boarding school.

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Two 18-year-old brothers Andriy and Mykhailo also came to Ukraine with Elisey. Both orphans were raised in a foster family in the occupied territory before the full-scale invasion.

“After coming of age, the boys realized that the occupying authorities would send them to fight against their own people. They were both wanted as missing persons in Ukraine,” Kuleba said.

All three are now safe. The children are waiting to recover and return to normal life.

Stolen Children

Since the beginning of the war, the group Save Ukraine has returned to Ukraine 226 children who were under the influence of the Russian authorities. According to official statistics, About 20 thousand Ukrainian children were deported to RussiaThe fate of most of them is unknown.

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets disagreed with such figures. According to his calculations, in Russia There are probably about 150,000 Little UkrainiansAfter all, the removal of about 17,000 children has been officially confirmed – the children on whom detailed information has been collected, their place of residence in Ukraine and their regional location in Russia are known. Deported minors include children with disabilities or mental disabilities who have parents or relatives in Ukraine.

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