To Galoshek to Trulak: Learn to fire pro-Kremlin activists with justice. Otherwise we will lose

20.10.2023 10:12 | monitoring

Learn how to properly eliminate pro-Kremlin activists. Former finance minister and ex-TOP 09 leader Miroslav Kalousek went to the state authorities himself after winning a first-instance court case against ex-ambassador Drulak, an international relations agency. He was fired in January for his comments on geopolitical topics. On Thursday, the court ruled that Trulock was unfairly dismissed.

To Galoshek to Trulak: Learn to fire pro-Kremlin activists with justice.  Otherwise we will lose

Hans Stumpera

Description: Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of VZP Miroslav Kalousek

The District Court for Prague 2 ruled on Thursday that the Institute of International Relations wrongfully fired its researcher and former First Deputy Foreign Minister Peter Trulak and that Trulak’s resignation was invalid. Parlamentní was informed on Thursday by Jana Swirtek Hamblowa, lawyer and senator of Trulak.

Long rumored as a possible resignation, the company’s chief was concerned by Trulak’s comments in the media. The former diplomat himself believed that the dismissal was illegal and decided to defend himself in court. Yesterday he was given the truth.

According to the lawyer, the Institute of International Relations first sought to reprimand Peter Trulak for alleged violations of work discipline through so-called letters of reprimand. “However, Peter Trulock strongly objected to their content, as he expresses his views in the media. The company subsequently dropped the charge of misconduct, but Peter Trulock was immediately fired due to organizational change,” he continues.


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Director of the institute Ontaj Dittrich said Trulock was spreading conspiracy stories when talking about issues of world politics and international relations that have begun to worry the Czech Foreign Ministry.

However, lawyer Jana Swirtek Hambloa filed a case against this. He characterized the organizational change as objective, supported the legal interpretation with several arguments, pointed out the original attempt to create the appearance of violation of labor discipline, and suggested a court ruling on the invalidity of the dismissal. After two court hearings, the court found her in the right.

Former minister and ex-MP Miroslav Kalošek commented on Trulak’s victory in court with a finger raised. According to him, government institutions should avoid such misdeeds in future, describing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as incompetent. “Professor Peter Trulock won, he was unfairly dismissed, his victory is not an indictment of the incompetence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” notes X on the social network.

“Dear state officials, quickly learn to fire pro-Kremlin activists with the right. Otherwise, we will lose,” Kalousek concluded.

According to Petr Drulak, he knew he was getting into a tough fight. “Besides, I was in court for the first time in my life, so I had a healthy respect. But I knew I was in good hands. Jana understood it not only as a legal matter but also as a matter of principle and gave her best. We have now joined forces and I am very happy with the verdict. After all, people cannot accept such fabricated statements,” he said Parlamentní He said he was satisfied that the correctness of the construction of his statement was recognized as the first instance. “We will see how it goes,” he added.


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