In Kiev, access to the “Motherland” opened: a photo report

On Friday, October 20, the History Museum opened the “Motherland” territory.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

Tatiana came to the observation deck with a friend and admits that she likes the renovated monument more than its Soviet version. He feels that the information spread on social media about the demolition of “Amma” is inappropriate.

“These are the changes, when the war started – we started a new phase, the first step for new changes – this is the trident. Why destroy this beauty. It’s the symbol of Kiev, it’s the symbol of Ukraine, why? Remove it, it’s renewed with a trident,” says Tetiana.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

According to Oleksandr, the monument looks new after the coat of arms was changed.

“As for the demolition, I consider it ridiculous, because this Soviet coat of arms has already been removed. It is a symbol of victory, it is a symbol of indomitability, it will endure – we will stand. It is simply ridiculous and spending money on demolishing it – it is also pointless. Establishing our coat of arms About, it’s wonderful, it shows that we are invincible and cannot be defeated. Everything will be Ukraine!” – insisted Oleksandr.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"
In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

The main square served alongside the museum building.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

We will remind you that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the territory near the “Motherland” and the main building of the museum were closed to visitors, and part of the exhibits were evacuated. Residents of Kiev and guests of the capital can only walk to the base of military equipment.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

In addition, visitors can see several exhibitions simultaneously, including an exhibition of works by French street artist Christian Camus called C215 and the longest flag of Ukraine.

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From October, the museum operates according to a new schedule. It can be visited on weekdays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and on weekends from 7:00 pm. At the same time, entrance to the museum is free today.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

From October 21, they plan to resume climbing to the observatory in “Motherland-Motherland” armor. However, the offer is limited – no more than 10 lifts per day.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

Note. “Motherland-Motherland” is a monumental sculpture in Kiev, 102 meters high. Its author is People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, Ukrainian Vasil Borodai. It is located on the upper right bank of the Dnipro River, on the territory of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. Opened on May 9, 1981. It is listed as the tallest monument in the world, ahead of the American Statue of Liberty.

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The monument was originally planned as a symbol of victory, not the motherland, but after it was built, the name “Motherland” became popular.

In photo: Monument "Motherland is motherland"

Prehistoric times

Last year, a referendum was launched in the “Active” application, which should decide the fate of the coat of arms of the USSR on the shield of the motherland. According to the results of the survey, the majority of Ukrainians voted to replace the coat of arms of the USSR with the state coat of arms.

Photo before restoration
Konstantin Bryshnichenko/

At the same time, People’s Deputy Volodymyr Vyatrovich spoke out against replacing the coat of arms of the USSR with a trident, saying that this monument was a purely Soviet sculpture and that it was impossible to Ukrainianize it.

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On the contrary, the Ministry of Culture said that the demolition of the monument was wrong.

“Demolishing a landmark that is one of the hallmarks of Ukraine, looking to the east, which is huge and attracts many tourists, seems absurd to me at this time. We have something to spend money on… Getting rid of the “Motherland” – mothers”, can only be done in the sick imagination of extreme patriots. I think so”, – said the then head of department Takachenko.

On July 26, the Ministry of Culture announced that the trident would be made of European metal because the steel supplied by the Zaporizhia Metallurgical Plant did not meet technical requirements. Zaporizhstal called the refusal of the Ministry of free Ukrainian steel for the “motherland” because of non-compliance with technical requirements baseless.

On July 29, it was reported that they wanted to rename the “Motherland” monument in Kiev to “Ukraine-Mother”, but the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy did not approve this decision.

On July 30, the removal of the monument began. The Ministry of Culture noted that the replacement of the coat of arms of the USSR with a trident was carried out at the expense of patrons without attracting money from the state budget.

On August 6, a trident was erected at the “Motherland” monument in the capital of Ukraine.

Subsequently, on October 20, it became known that free access to the territory of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War will be granted.

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