Checkpoint Yakutyn – Ukraine finds solution to lift embargo

The Ministry of Social Development, Territories and Infrastructure has provisionally taken this decision To suspend the permit requirement for Polish carriers, Transport to Ukraine from any EU country.

The solution is called Solve the situation by blocking the checkpoint on the part of Polish carriers and One of the main demands of the strikers was to be fulfilledThat is, imposing fines for lack of permits for transit from third EU countries to Ukraine.

“Our position is unequivocal: such transport does not fall under the cargo transport agreement between Ukraine and the EU and is not bilateral, and accordingly permits are required,” said Oleksandr Kubrakov, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for reconstruction.

He said that the ministry has now sent a letter to the European Commission seeking an explanation. In the meantime, imposition of penalty shall be suspended.

“I would like to emphasize separately: since the beginning of this year, Ukrtransbezpeka has taken only 4 decisions against Polish carriers,” Kubrakov added.

It should be noted that the checkpoint “Yakudin – Torokusk” provides approx 40% cargo flow to Poland.

It is worth recalling that on the morning of May 5, it was known that the checkpoint “Yakodyn – Torokusk” was blocked.

Ukraine immediately called on Poland to lift the ban on trucks at the “Yakodyn – Torokusk” checkpoint.

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