They will destroy themselves. Nestling spoke with a vengeance

21.04.2024 21:10 | Monitoring

John Hinstill spoke to the nation's conscience about how he decided to leave the Czech medical room, but how he lost his health, or what psychopaths he felt in politics. “Look, most people today can already see what our political representation is, they're psychopaths, but they're out themselves. They're going to destroy themselves,” he said.

They will destroy themselves.  Nestling spoke with a vengeance

Hans Stumpera

Description: MD John Honeystill

Jan Hnízdil decided to wade into the Doctors Association. This is a unique step taken by the doctor because it is linked to the possibility of treatment with the independent existence of the practice. What's it like underground? “It's liberating. It's liberating, but it's not entirely easy, because if one moves away from the crowd … I've taken a path that I haven't taken, that I haven't tried, so here's the risk of bumping, falling, breaking your mouth. It happens to me quite often. It's completely up to me now. “Has happened, but so far I've always been able to pick myself up and continue on my free but untried path,” noted Hnistil.

“Since the onset of covids, I have attacked the medical room, huge medical and ethical problems, meaninglessness of tests, masking, vaccine risks, vaccination at the station, without examining the person, without documents, without education. Vaccination is a very serious medical method. Knowing the person's condition here, he It is necessary to explain to him what I expect from the vaccine, and the vaccinator himself should take responsibility for it. I have long pointed this out to the scientific council, and I have been called a misinformer, a denier, but when the facts come out, the tests Even if it is confirmed based on the world data, I still do not give up. A positive test does not indicate whether a person is infected, infectious, sick, so it is some parameter of doubtful information value, “Hnízdil stopped wearing masks in the forest and the mortality rate due to vaccination.

“No one will take responsibility for that,” Hnízdil added, storming the room and asking them to reflect and take stock of mistakes so they don't happen again. I was blown away. The room's only contact was with me when it was always time to contribute. So I told myself that I will not sponsor this association anymore. There was also an attempt to exclude me. Because of my views on Covid, a petition was brought to the review committee – because my views were not in line with the official views of the chamber, so they kicked me out. But the revision commission of Prague 2 is headed by a certain Professor Zakharov. I didn't know him, but he was a brave and intelligent man. He discussed the initiative, there were parts of my speeches – and he said: We live in a state governed by the rule of law, and Dr. Hnistil has every right to express his views publicly, even if they are wrong. And we don't know today if they are true,” added Hnistil, who eventually left the room because, according to him, the room completely violated the ethics of the medical profession.

“From March 1, I received a message from them that I am not allowed to provide preventive medical care on the territory of the Czech Republic. I can go to Germany, Slovakia, but I cannot work as a doctor in the Czech Republic. I can act as a healer or health consultant. Prescriptions, “I was not allowed to make requests, make referrals and most importantly run medical facilities. This was a problem because Health Nest has the status of a medical facility and wants to maintain that status,” added Honeystill.

In his words, Hnídiel tries to simplify his disease for patients. “To explain to them what the body is saying about the disease. Explain to them in Czech. I don't give them incomprehensible Latin diagnoses. I explain to them what is bothering them. And I use folk idioms. Because the basis of recovery is for the patient to understand his disease, take responsibility for it, and actually begin to heal himself. .I don't have any miraculous healing powers, which is, of course, at odds with traditional medicine, and imagine that the patient will change his behavior and get better It's not allowed. The drug companies, the chamber, the insurance companies, everything collapses. So I've become an enemy of the official medical system, and even my psychiatry has gone away from me,” said Hnistil, who handed over the health cot to his colleague, then fired him and the whole cot.

“After I ended my membership in the Chamber, I was forced to look for a follower to maintain Nest of Health and the health status. And Nest, we've been building that brand for 10 years. Amazing place, attitude,” he said of Hanistow and what happened after that. In fact he described how he lost it. According to his own words, he is still recovering from physical exertion. Family run too.

He also gave his opinion on the book he published about mental patients. Does he sense any new psychopaths in politics? “It will be an endless complement. The director of the publishing house wrote to me that I should include our female ministers, politicians and the president of the European Commission. It will be a book of books, it's really an endless story, so I think the way it's written is enough because it's about learning to recognize psychopaths. It is not a question of whether his name is one or another, but how to recognize him and protect against him.

Trying to fight a psychopath is the worst thing ever. A psychopath has no ethical constraints. He has no shame, no compassion, what a psychopath would allow himself, a decent sensitive person would never allow. A psychopath will destroy you. Because your flaw is your human qualities. He doesn't have that humanity. Even according to some psychiatrists, the psychopath is a new breed of animal. He is neither a man nor a creature. And he behaves like it. So the only chance is to learn to recognize and reject them. Describe and publish – that's what they fear. They are afraid of being found out. And even during Covid, when those psychopaths appeared in full force, I considered it my professional and human duty to say no to them. You will not force me and I will not force anyone to take pointless tests. You won't make me wear a mask. I haven't had it even once,” Hnistil added, adding that according to him, there wasn't a mask or a test or a vaccine.

According to him, psychics have the best prerequisites for achieving enormous and rapid success. “But at the cost of destroying human relationships, it's a destructive force. But in the current social system, in terms of really bigotry, ruthlessness, economic growth, that system is really ripe for the operation of psychopaths. These are Davos, Aspen and others,” Hnistil noted, adding that psychopaths are a destructive force. If united in purpose, they can cooperate. “But everything is in time. Then their passions start … everyone wants more, they start envying each other, they start believing it … “Hnistil said that he bet these people will eat each other. “I think that's what's happening. Look, most people today can see what our political representation is, they're psychopaths, but they're out themselves. They're going to destroy themselves,” he added.

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