Russia's offensive – a difficult situation awaits Ukraine in May-June – Budanov

“The Russians are conducting a complex operation”: Budanov said that a difficult situation awaits Ukraine in the future.

Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) Defense Minister Kyrylo Budanov warned that Ukraine faces a difficult situation, and not only on the front. Russia will use a comprehensive approach to achieve its goals.

According to him, the difficult period will be mid-May – early June. He said this in an interview Air Force.

Journalists were interested in the views of the country's chief intelligence officer about the course of the war. They emphasized that he was known for positive predictions, for example, “Armed forces will soon be in Crimea.”

“We will go to the Crimea,” I said … I never regretted the past. Basically, about anything. “Sometimes the situation changes drastically – after all, if you are already talking about my personal words, then our units in Crimea came,” Budanov added to the question of whether he regrets what he said.

He expressed his belief that such words do not give Ukrainians vain hopes, but are real-time forecasts.

“If something comes back a little different, sorry, it makes its own changes,” explained GUR's head.

He says his predictions are based on facts, figures, documents etc. Now, Budanov added, they say Ukraine faces “a very difficult situation in the future.”

“But this is not a catastrophe, this must also be understood. Armageddon will not happen, as many are starting to say now. But there will be problems from mid-May. I am talking about the front in particular, because the Russians will use. They will carry out a complex operation, which will be in mid-May, early June. ” said the Chief of Military Intelligence expressing his confidence.

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Responding to a clarifying question about whether it was about Ukraine's domestic political situation, Budanov said: “It's about everything.”

As OBOZ.UA reports, according to analysts, US approval of military aid to Ukraine provides a lifeline for the armed forces, but it is unlikely to turn the tide of the war by itself. Much, including counterattack by the defending forces, depends on how quickly equipment and ammunition can reach the front.

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