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The city of Kladno will respect the court’s ruling on the preliminary injunction, although it disagrees on the basis, Kladno City Hall spokesman Wyatt Herrel said in a statement. Further action will depend on the opinion of the court.

According to Herrel, this is a preliminary measure that will nullify a referendum that has already been fully prepared on a date approved by the House. From the point of view of the city, from a practical point of view, everything required by law and related to repeat voting in local referendums has been done. “Many people’s organizational efforts and energy were wasted, not to mention resources already expended,” added a City Hall spokesperson.

“It is not yet clear whether the date of the referendum will be determined by the court or imposed on the city to change it,” Kamanova said. According to the spokesperson, Kladno will wait for the court’s final decision, and if the vote announced by the council is annulled by the court, it will defend itself with a case complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court.

The January referendum, which had 27 percent voter turnout during the presidential election, was earlier declared invalid by the court. The case was filed by the Kladno Without Gambling Initiative, whose members include representatives of Kladno’s opposition party. Opponents pointed out, for example, that Kladno paid for an information campaign against the referendum with public money, and that some commissions actively did not issue ballots. The court did not order the recall of the referendum, which, according to the ruling, was within the competence of Kladno representatives. They decided in March that the polls would be held on April 15.

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The statutory city of Kladno shall answer in a referendum whether the citizens agree to take all possible measures in its independent capacity to immediately prevent the operation of the gambling games listed in the Gambling Law throughout its territory for the purpose of preserving public order. Security will increase in the city.

The city regulates the operation of gambling halls and casinos, which can only be located at 12 specific addresses, up from about 130 in the past. Kladno’s gambling income is about 100 million kroner a year. Kladno’s mayor, Milan Wolff (Election for Kladno), previously reported that there was no problem with gambling in the city.

The court ruled that the referendum on gambling in Kladno was invalid


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