Stormy weather in Odessa on April 21 – photo and video of the consequences of bad weather were published

In Odessa, the storm uprooted trees and smashed cars. Photos and videos of bad weather

On the afternoon of April 21, a powerful tornado swept through Odessa, bringing with it a downpour and strong winds. Dozens of trees fell in the city.

It was urged to reduce the movement of people on the city streets. about this reported At the Odessa City Council.

It is noteworthy that the tornado started at night in Odessa. As of 12:00, at least 15 trees and large branches fell in the regional center. Communal services work on the ground.

The mayor's office also noted that much of the work was done overnight to prevent heavy rain from flooding the city's streets. In addition, authorities appealed to Odessa residents, especially the elderly and city dwellers with small children, to limit their movement on the streets.

Drivers were urged not to leave their cars on roads and sidewalks as vehicles could interfere with utility equipment.

Let us remind you that on April 21, 2024, winter weather lasted on the peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. There was still snow.

As OBOZ.UA wrote, according to the preliminary forecast, summer temperatures in Ukraine will be 1-2 degrees above normal. Severe heat is already expected in the second half of June.

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