Then why did you say no? Rajchl to the trade unionists before the strike

26.11.2023 20:47 | monitoring

According to Jindřich Rajchl, head of the PRO party, Monday’s union strike “didn’t solve anything” because, according to him, unionists are only focused on their “specific” demands. He feels that the only solution is for the government to step down. “The only thing we can do is send tens of billions to Ukraine, they end up in a black hole, we don’t know what happens to them. The only solution is the resignation of Peter Fiala’s government. Everything else is not a half solution, a tenth solution…,” Rajchl criticized the trade unionists. He accused her of not joining him earlier. He pointed out that Pekarova is “strolling” in Kiev “like going to the front line in Bachmut” when we have “the worst economy in all of Europe”.

Then why did you say no?  Rajchl to the trade unionists before the strike

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Rajchl spoke about Slovak politics and also mentioned the topic of mortgage bonification, whereby mortgages are subsidized from public funds for people who do not have stable mortgages in Slovakia and those who are repaying them during the current period of increased interest rates. “Our government does not think about it and leaves the people to fend for themselves. Fiala only works for Ukraine and EU. We can forget that he will help the Czech citizens,” said the leader of the PRO party.

When he watched the joint conference of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) and his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico, he said he saw on the one hand “a confident prime minister who defends the interests of his citizens, and on the other a fearful one. Buck is only repeating words he has already said a thousand times.” .”

The head of PRO also supported the opinion of the Slovak Prime Minister. “I totally agree with his point…Peter Fiala said they don’t keep a list of disinformation media. What? So all the sites that were blocked on 02/25/2022 and all the sites that were on the KRIT list were shut down overnight because someone called them pro-Russian? You list Nothing kept? So on what basis did you do that?” Rajchl was surprised after the prime minister’s stated statement and pointed out that some of the websites blocked at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine “never wrote pro-Russian”.

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“Fico said he wouldn’t talk to them, but you websites, Mr. Fiallo, you shut them down completely illegally,” he added, adding that, according to him, they “washed their hands” and sent a “recommendation to the operators”.

He also noticed Comments by Petr Žantovský for ParlamentníListy.czThis, according to Rajchlo, speaks well of media manipulation.

In the mentioned opinion, Jantowski drew attention SeznamZprá article “I’m busy traveling,” says Rajchl. But the reality is different”, in which he argued about the photographs of an event, which at first glance seems to have little participation in the events. “At first glance, on the left side is the chairman’s desk, behind it are the people of Rajchal, and it is clear that the audience is filled with people sitting and listening to the speaker. On the right side, in the first rows, approx. The table is empty, with twenty people scattered about. Obviously the photo was taken at a different time, but certainly not after the event had started. The PRO didn’t even have a spokesperson, so there were only a few spectators waiting. This is a common misdirection and manipulation technique, where the picture is of the same moment. you are told. But I think one is separated from the other by tens of minutes rather than minutes. So we are being lied to a lot here, which is not a good sign that Cesnam Spravy wants to do objective journalism,” says Petr Žantovský for Parlamentní

In addition to the media, Rajchal also spoke about the upcoming union strike. He said that he supported the strike and was going to participate in the Malostranské náměstí event. “I see those demands as reasonable. “I understand why the unions are protesting, but I regret that they did not go with us that September,” said the politician, recalling earlier appeals to participate in the September 16 demonstration in Wenceslas Square in Prague. It is only about the people, if they show their displeasure with the government en masse, the government will fall,” the PRO leader said in August this year.

“We explained to them how necessary it is to combine those forces, to combine the civil and trade union sector, if we want to achieve something, we have to coordinate from both sides. Better with the parliamentary opposition. That’s why I invited the ANO and SPD MPs to the demonstration. That’s why I invited the trade unionists to her,” sighed Rajchl. . According to him, the trade unions should have foreseen the possibility of a strike.

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“I hope the trade unionists will understand that it is necessary to unite and they will understand that it is not enough to demand the cancellation of the consolidation package,” he said, criticizing the demands of the trade unionists. It only says “specified”. “This country is in total decline, we are the worst economy in all of Europe. All the numbers speak to that,” Rajchl said, adding that he noted “the highest drop in real wages, clearly the highest drop in GDP,” while Pekarova said “helmet to Kiev and He walks with glasses.” “She looks like a circus performer. Don’t be angry with me. Everyone else is standing there in jackets and coats, she’s there as if she’s going to the front row in Bachmut,” read the protective equipment of the Czech Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and leader of TOP 09. According to Rajchlin, the politician only struck a “pose” to take a picture.

“Everyone around her is in civilian clothes and she looks like she’s getting into a tank. I’m ashamed of her. I’m ashamed of those politicians… They’re only interested in presenting themselves as big heroes to their voters,” he said, referring to photos by Markéta Pekarová Adamová from Kyiv. .

According to the PRO leader, the only solution is for the government to step down. “Our economy is deteriorating, our salaries and pensions are deteriorating. Everything is getting worse…,” he said. “The only thing we can do is send tens of billions to Ukraine, they end up in a black hole, we don’t know what happens to them. The only solution is for Peter Fiala’s government to resign. Everything else is not a half solution, a tenth solution… This government will keep us in debt for the next two years. He added that the possibility of unions joining the PRO in March next year was “the last chance to end Petr Fiala’s government” before parliamentary elections.

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