US Aid to Ukraine: Senate Majority Leader Sets Date for Vote

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On Sunday, Nov. 26, Schumer released a statement urging lawmakers to craft a border security deal that could complete much-needed aid to two U.S. allies.

Senate Republicans are seeking to include changes to border security policy as part of any additional spending bill.

Schumer blamed the border claim on Ukraine’s defense against Russia and a “huge delay” in allocating new funding to Israel’s war with Hamas.

“This has made a decades-long, hyper-partisan issue a priority for bipartisan majorities,” Schumer said.

The Democratic leader said his caucus is “willing to work on common-sense immigration solutions,” but warned that if the GOP takes a line that’s too hard, it could “harm the entire companion bill.”

He also urged Democrats to try to make a deal with Republicans.

It said Ukraine would get a 60-vote majority, but Republicans have warned they won’t do it without a border deal because they believe Speaker Mike Johnson won’t support a bill without border security provisions. .

Schumer’s push for a Senate vote in early December provides a deadline for negotiations.

“Nothing would make autocrats like Putin or Xi happier right now than to see the United States waver in support of the Ukrainian people and their military,” Schumer said. An unrestrained Putin is a disgraced Putin.”

Schumer also announced that a conference of all senators on Ukraine would be held in the coming days.

  • On November 21, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, during his visit to Ukraine, assured the country’s leadership of continued US support.

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