Switzerland will provide more than 3 million euros to the “Grains from Ukraine” initiative

Switzerland will allocate more than 3 million euros to implement the “Grains from Ukraine” initiative, the aim of which is to deliver Ukrainian grains to the poorest countries.

According to the statement of the Swiss Embassy, ​​writes “European Truth”, Swiss President Alain Pers said this during the Food Security Summit in Kyiv.

Borz announced that Switzerland will allocate 3 million Swiss francs – about 3.1 million euros – to the World Food Program, which will implement the initiative.

He also noted that due to the Russian Federation’s war of aggression, about 11 million Ukrainians are in need of food aid.

Zelensky spoke with the president of Switzerland about demining and a peace formula

Sweden announced quota on additional effort More than 8 million euros, Finland – 2 million euros, as well as funding for demining agricultural land in Ukraine.

Latvia Earlier it announced its second contribution to the project in the amount of 50 thousand euros.

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