A five-year-old girl choked to death after inhaling a hot dog in Opawa area

The event took place on April 25 at the Mezivodka cattle farm. Grandma bought the girl a hot dog. While eating, the child suddenly got a bite in the throat and started choking. After that, he fainted and his blood flow gradually stopped.

At first, bystanders tried to revive the girl. They tried to vomit and tried to get the bite out. “Two passers-by tried to save them with indirect heart massage. The others called an ambulance,” said police spokesman Rene Czernohorski.

Subsequently, an ambulance and a rescue helicopter reached the spot. Paramedics discovered the baby had already suffered circulatory arrest. “The girl was resuscitated and blood flow restored. In critical condition, the helicopter crew transferred her to Ostrava University Hospital,” ambulance spokesman Lukas Humble confirmed to Novinka. But the girl died a few days after being admitted to the hospital.

The boy’s death during the school farewell was an unfortunate accident. Police ruled out any wrongdoing by anyone


As John Pavlicek, Head of the Department of Pediatrics at Ostrava University Hospital told Novinka, this is a very special event. There are dozens of cases a year when a child swallows a foreign body, for example, inhalation of nuts in small children, less common.

“In most cases, a child can be saved after inhaling a foreign body. The body that is not in the trachea is removed through the trachea and the patient fully recovers and goes home,” he said.

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Consume in peace

Experts suggest that the only prevention against such events is consumption in moderation. Young children in particular should be taught not to swallow food and to limit movement and talking while eating. “The basic step is to ensure that the child receives age-appropriate food and consumes it calmly,” said Pavlicek, associate professor at Ostrava University Hospital.

Probably the last tragic case, a piece of sausage stuck in the respiratory tract of a child, happened in Liberec seventeen years ago, but at that time it was a much younger child – a two-year-old boy.

Even in this condition, the child’s blood flow stopped, and when the paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident, the boy was already blue. The child first ended up in the hospital in Liberec, but the helicopter took him to the hospital in Ústí, which has better equipment, in the evening of the same day. But that too did not work and the boy died after a few days.

First aid after inhalation of a foreign body

A child older than 1 year is placed upside down over the knee, only an older child and an adult can lean forward. Then we hit him hard several times between the shoulder blades with the lower part of the palm.

Both maneuvers can be alternated until the body is discharged.

If the body cannot be extricated and the person loses consciousness, resuscitation should be initiated.

Child choked to death on hot dog


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