Death of former Deputy Attorney General Kolinko and his daughter

Police have no reason to believe it was a premeditated murder at this time, but neither version has been ruled out.

The police did not confirm the information about the apparent detection of signs of violent death of former deputy public prosecutor of Ukraine Olga Kolinko and her daughter Yaroslava. As part of the investigation, the test is still ongoing.

“To the community” about it. reported Olena Berezhna, spokeswoman for the National Police of Ukraine.

“The information spread is not true. Because according to the results of the autopsy, the cause could not be established due to the degenerative changes. Therefore, the tests are scheduled,” Bereshna said.

It is necessary to take exams lasting several weeks. Cause of death will be established only after they are completed.

“We have not confirmed the spread (symptoms of murder – ed.) We have no information, we do not know where it is spreading,” said Olina Bereshna.

As for the deceased's daughter, her body also has putrefactive changes, but the final cause of death is yet to be named, so tests will be conducted, the spokesman added.

The investigation did not rule out either version

According to Olena Berezhnaya, the police currently have no reason to believe it was a deliberate murder, but neither version has been ruled out.

He insisted that all proceedings involving death would be opened under Section 115 (willful murder).

“As examined by the expert opinion yesterday, there were no signs of a violent death. However, only on the basis of the results of the forensic medical examination and other appointed examinations, the cause of death will be established and further practical decisions will be made,” she explained.

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To establish exactly how much time has passed since the women's death. Only experts can.

What is known about the death of the former deputy attorney general and his daughter?

On January 10, Olga Kolinko was found dead when employees of ZHEK broke down the apartment door in the presence of the police. They were called by the neighbors because water had started flowing in the riser the previous day and the owners had not opened the door.

Later, his daughter Yaroslava was also found dead in the apartment next door. The women lived in the opposite apartment.

It is known that the 71-year-old woman had been sick for many years and had not gone outside. He was cared for by his daughter, who was found dead in a nearby apartment owned by the family.

Investigators were surprised to find that both houses were locked from the inside, and the mother and daughter did not show any signs of violent death, as National Police spokeswoman Olena Bereshna said earlier: “The bodies of the women were handed over. As a result of the forensic examination, the causes of death will be determined and further action will be taken.” Conclusion”.

According to preliminary police data, the women died at different times and at significant intervals. Olga Kolinko died 2 months ago, in November 2023, and her daughter about 3 weeks ago – in December 2023.

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At one time, Olga Kolinko was one of the main investigators in the high-profile case of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, who was eventually convicted in the United States and never returned to Ukraine.

Kolinko was repeatedly predicted to become the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, but he never took the main seat of the GPU.

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