The woman did not contact the post office 154 times. She went to collect the package in person and it took a turn for the worse

Photo: Vít Hassan for Post, Chart Photo

A week ago, on Thursday, December 7, a lady came to our office and told us about the problems she was having with the check post. She promised to let me know if she got the package after about a month. We spoke to her again a week later. Anger was more than last time.

On November 22, he ordered the goods, which he promptly paid for. Since the sender has a warehouse in Germany, he picked up the shipment a day later from DHL Shipping and it arrived in the Czech Republic at Czech Post on Saturday, November 25. Nothing happened after that. The latest information is that the consignment is being prepared for delivery from 4th December.

Let us remind you that Check Post is a government agency under the responsibility of Minister of the Interior Vit Ragusan (STAN). And in 2022, it recorded a loss of 1.73 billion crowns In conversation with the minister.

According to the system, she found out that it was a depot in Malešice, Prague 10. She called all three numbers available at the branch. without success. Over 150 times in two days, no one picked up the phone.

When she left the editorial a week ago, she said she was going straight from us to the Czech branch. “I’m going to roll up my sleeves! Then I’ll call you!” concluded the questioner.But after a week she didn’t answer so we called her ourselves.

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“Don’t even ask. I’m not going there, I thought I’d wait a little longer. I’m so upset,” she began to say.

She tried to contact the post office for the next four days, not even once. “I’m already friends with Eliska, the virtual assistant on the post office line,” she laughs. She waited 80 minutes before calling the Check Post line.

“The lady then repeatedly told me that the package might have gone wrong somewhere, to give the sender instructions to move it, and to try filing a complaint via email,” he continued.

Wait for another 30 days

She did both. Within two hours, an email arrived from the post office.

“Your submission has been forwarded to the concerned office for investigation and processing, which will contact you directly within 30 days for a response,” read the reply. “So I waited almost a month for the package, and then I have to wait another month for them to investigate?” She was furious.

Sorting Center of Check Post. Author of the book:

She couldn’t take it anymore and went privately to Prague Malachys. She knew it was a large sorting warehouse, but if they said the package had been there for more than three weeks, she hoped they would find it.

However, that is a misconception

“I got there and there were huge buildings with packages everywhere, dozens of mail cars and baskets full of packages. There was a woman sitting behind the window, and I didn’t want to be rude or unpleasant to her, I knew it wasn’t their fault. But I really didn’t expect what she said to me. ,” he told us over the phone.

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When she explained to the person in question that her package had been lying there for almost three weeks, the post office employee calmly replied that it was normal, there were no people, and it really wasn’t that long. But he can’t do anything for her even if she wants to, so there’s no way she’ll ever find the package.

Three weeks is not a long time

She shocked us by saying, “Hundreds of us come here every day. Everyone has the same problem as me.”

They say giving the phone number to the delivery person can help. “She gave me a piece of paper with three phone numbers that I already knew. So I refused, saying it was worthless and there was no chance of an appeal. The lady shook her head, and I knew there was no one answering the phones.

She also reportedly asked if the package was heavy or large. “When I said yes, she replied that they leave you last,” she told us.

What if he has a chance of getting his package by Christmas Day? “The woman told me that now they deliver on weekends too. And even on Christmas Day. I might not get my gift until December 24th.

The employee was nice and she knew the check post wasn’t working properly.

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“Ask Mr. Austrian and he will tell you what to do about it. I’m surprised we haven’t gone bankrupt with such management,” said the Czech Post employee.

The woman concerned promised to call back after a week.

One of our editors had a problem with email. Ordered a service Package in hand, Česká pošta usually promises delivery within the next working day. More than a week later, he received a notification in his inbox that the parcel was being held at the post office in Prague 3. After standing in line for almost an hour at the branch on Olsanska Street, he was given according to the order when he asked why the parcel had not arrived, the employee replied that now they have a lot, they keep everything at the post office.

A similar case happened to one of our colleagues. According to the organization, his shipment was delivered on the tenth day, but it still hasn’t reached its destination.

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