On December 15, explosions were heard in Henisesk due to a missile strike

Air defense systems are active in the city. Footage of rockets being launched into the sky over Heniski for some purpose was made public on the network.

Andryushchenko writes, “Genesisk sends his greetings and a baton to the Crimea.”

Meanwhile, a representative of the region’s occupying “authority” in the Kherson region, so-called “governor” Volodymyr Saldo, says the city is under heavy shelling. He also talks about the missiles that were allegedly shot down.

“At least 15 targets have already been shot down,” the collaborator wrote in his telegram.

Genichesk on the map (photo: screenshot google.com/maps)

Explosions in the occupied territories on December 15

This evening, it became known about the explosions on the territory of the occupied Crimea and the anti-aircraft defense mission of the invaders. Such “cotton”, in particular, took place between the village of Chornomorskyi and the village of Mizhvodne on the west coast of the peninsula.

Meanwhile, Russian mass media and representatives of the occupying “administration” reported on the activity of air defense systems in Sevastopol. In particular, campaigners say that a UAV was shot down over the sea and that no infrastructure damage was recorded in Sevastopol.

On the evening of December 15, strong explosions were heard in occupied Donetsk. According to local sources, there were “incidents” in the Budioniv district of the city, and an oil depot came under attack.

We would also like to add that earlier today the partisans carried out a successful sabotage and blew up a railway train that brought daily ammunition and fuel to the interventionists from Crimea to Dniprorudny.

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