“The Russian Federation has collapsed into the past and underfoot”: Lingevicius on Putin's New Year's promise

Former Foreign and Defense Minister of Lithuania Linas Lingevicius commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin's New Year's speech, where he did not talk about aggression against Ukraine, but promised to “never back down”.

Linkevičius wrote about this on Twitter (X), “European Truth” reports.

“Putin said at the New Year's event that Russia cannot retreat anywhere. In fact, there is stupidity ahead, past and underfoot, so there is no need to go anywhere,” – believes the former Lithuanian foreign leader. Ministry.

Note that in his four-minute New Year's song Speech Putin never once mentioned Ukraine or aggression against it.

The only reference to the war was in the passage that caught Linquisius' attention: “We have proven more than once that we can solve the most difficult tasks and never retreat, because there is no such force that can separate us. , make us forget our memory and the faith of our parents, stop our growth.”

Gabriel Landsbergis is the current Foreign Minister of Lithuania He shared the sentiment the previous dayThe West is on the verge of repeating historical mistakes in supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression, and has been urged not to wait for a “Pearl Harbor effect”.

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