Ex-policeman Tichy returned only to the intervention of Charles University's Faculty of Arts.

Photo: Hans Štembera for PrahaIN.cz/Charles the Silent

PrahaIN.cz posted a comment dedicated to the words of former criminologist Karel Tichy. It was published not only on our server but also on other websites during the holiday period. The editors therefore asked Karel Tyche to comment on the comment of editor Martin Bartkowski. We present his words in full without editorial intervention.

“I am not active in any social networks, that's why I indirectly learned after a while that I became the object of interest of the journalist Martin Bartkowski. I don't know him, I don't know anything about him, I will not profile him anywhere. From December 23 on X Network (Twitter) in summary of his claims .

I'm after a complicated surgery, so I'm definitely not ignoring any media. But if he refers to a few sentences that appeared in the media in connection with a recent tragic event, I would like to say that the editors of Jiri Benica from Chesnam Spraw, Jakub Fujacek from Echa24 and John Holobek asked me on the phone. PrahaIN about my general opinion about this event.

There was always a ten-minute conversation on this topic. Individual authors used excerpts from the phone calls in their essays. An attentive reader will surely have noticed that parts of the quotations were used embedded in a larger material that was not my interview. I am the last person to question the entire job of the police. But from the sentences used, I think things are not going as well as they could be, and I hope GIBS will review this. And if fault is found, those responsible will accept their responsibility.

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What exactly came out of the ex-convict's mouth?

“It is imperative that all the contacts for this event and the actions of all the police units involved are very carefully evaluated, checked and verified. GIBS should definitely be involved. It raises the question whether the pre-event series of activities were properly evaluated and coordinated from the beginning. If a mistake is found, someone has to take political responsibility for it. As for the intervention in the university itself, the work of the police there is undoubtedly to be commended as being completely professional!

Evidence: Karel Tichý for PrahaIN.cz on December 22, 2023

Yes, I haven't been in the police force for 16 years, but I've been around long enough to know something about the job. I mr. I recommend Bartkowski occasionally reading my books Mafia Hunter and Where Crime Walked.

I have nothing to do with any tried or convicted restoration fraudsters. I am proud to serve as an aide to Independent Senator Dr. Turner, an outstanding pediatric neurologist and a courageous fighter against healthcare crime and corruption. And regarding my involvement in the oath and my decision, I recommend that he familiarize himself with the article published by Jan Hrbáček in the Economic Journal in December 2021. And that last sentence about me not being an entirely appropriate respondent. Mr. I think I definitely understood police work better than Bartkowski.”

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